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7. “how to make and turn on a simple traffic sign” writing the title of the report above which

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Which is heavier: 10 kilos of cotton or 10 kilos of iron?

Determine the type of figure of speech from the following sentences. When they grin, their eyes even disappear leaving a line the size of a stick.​

Sis, please help with this analysis, don’t be rude pls

Is age included in the adverb of time?

Setting is the place, the time of the event. Make a background for the story in text 1 and text 2, text background 1, text, 2, event, time, place, event, time, …

the four texts are: the power of the blue tail of nataga, please answer, don’t just look at it

4.andi is fishing in the river, the length of the fishing line on the surface of the water is 70 cm the length of the fishing line from the end of the fishing line to the cloth is …

is 150 cm how long is the fishing line on the surface of the water? 5. a diver is 3 m below sea level. coral reef is 5 m below sea level.a. if the sea surface as a reference state the position of the diver and the coral reef in integers b. determine the distance between the diver and the coral reef

This group is divided into several groups. at the very front, a row of cute students. they are engrossed in playing the majoret, choreographing using …

their respective flags. This majorette group was followed by a marching band, followed by a number of students sticking their bodies with boards that read the rights that teenagers should demand. The group ended with a group of students lining up in a “blanket”-shaped blanket filled with petitions in the form of student signatures from a number of schools in Bandung. In the structure of the observation report text, the paragraph belongs to the …. * a. description of part b. description of benefits c. special statement d. description of object e. general statement​

Determine linguistic rules in the form of definition sentences, descriptive sentences, paratactical and hypotactic complex sentences in the text of the report on the results of the observations.

call it!​

1. Is the structure of the procedure text complete? determine the structure of the procedure text by writing the contents of each part 2. linguistic elements…

what stands out in the text? write examples or written evidence in the text!3. Are there linguistic rules that are not contained in the procedure text? explain your opinion!4. write a motivational sentence according to the text!5. rewrite the procedure text in the form of items of information with a complete structure!​

write 3 examples of news texts that eat covid 19

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