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Why cassava plants in cuttings will produce roots if the cuttings of the plant have buds

1. Write down any visual forms that appear in the work on the left and right in Figure 1.3! 2. What materials or materials are used in the…

am the work

When we look at wood like the one on the side, what senses do we use? what is the function of the sense organs in observation!​

Have you ever weighed the amount of garbage in your house, about how many kg of garbage your mother throws away every day?

what is the answer bro, try to answer the right one I give 5 stars

Biology is a part of science that is not a feature of biology as a science

Write down the interactions of biotic and abiotic components found in urban ecosystems?​

what is the answer bro

Rima is observing the growth of two similar plants. he wanted to prove that temperature affects the rate of growth. first plant…

a was placed in a dark place as a control variable, while the second plant was placed in a bright place. in your opinion, do you agree with the experimental method that rhymes do?? give the reason! hot

Based on the chart above, the results of the crosses show that all filial i genotypes are 100% pp or 100% purple, because p (purple) is …

dominant over p (white). try to finish the next cross if filial (f)1 is crossed with each other. use the same method as the chart above. you can do like the sequence of examples above. try discussing it with your classmate, then compare your answers whether they are correct. parental (p) gamnet punnet diagram for f2 parental​

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