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These are the specifications and prices of the tecno Phantom X

  • Share, JAKARTA – In July 2021, Transsion Holding, a mobile phone manufacturer from China, through Tecno released the Phantom X premium phone, which is their first collection in the premium class. got a chance to try out the phone. There are many advantages and some disadvantages of these phones.

The most outstanding thing that the Phantom X brings compared to other Tecno phones is a sturdy and elegant body, camera and super fast charging.

For the rear camera, the Phantom X is equipped with three cameras with a 50MP super light sensitive main camera, which makes this phone able to capture images in low light. 8MP ultra wide lens camera and 13 MP portrait lens camera.

The Phantom X night camera can really make an invisible picture more visible. Image quality in the morning and evening is sharp and natural.

The Phantom X also has two front cameras with a 48MP main camera and an 8MP ultra-wide lens. The selfie quality is even better with the Phantom X’s front camera.

Meanwhile, for charging this phone is equipped with 33W fast charge capability and a 4700mAh battery. trying to charge this phone for 20 minutes from the off state or zero percent, the result is 60 percent of the phone’s battery capacity is filled. Then if it is used to play PUBG Mobile for 47 minutes, the battery power absorbed is around 7-10 percent.

The Phantom X phone also comes with a luxurious and elegant design. The entire body of the phone is made of premium materials. With a length of 163.5 mm, a width of 73.8 mm and 8.7 millimeters and a weight of 201 grams, this phone feels very solid when held.

Meanwhile, from the side of the screen, the Phantom X uses a Super Amoled Curve with a span of 6.7 inches. The left and right sides of the screen are curved or like a ‘waterfall’ like the Xiaomi M11 or the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Smooth operating system with 90Hz refresh rate.

From the kitchen side, the Phantom X uses a Helio G95 made by MediatTek and uses the Android 11 operating system. 8GB of RAM with 256GB of internal storage.

In terms of features, the Phantom X has liquid cooling technology, a USB C port and a 3.5 mm headphone port. Phantom X also has a voice assistant called Ella, which makes it easier for users to read and send SMS and search for contacts.

In general, this phone offers many advantages in terms of camera, charging ‘waterfall’ screen, and smooth and fast usage performance. However, there are few notes that Tecno can improve in the future.

In terms of sound, the Phantom X phone still feels lacking. With one speaker under the resulting sound is not optimal. Although it is set to a high volume level, the sound produced is quite small. Need additional speakers to produce better sound quality.

The ‘waterfall’ screen does give an elegant impression, but sometimes this screen feels less sensitive. Users find it a little difficult to advance videos while watching YouTube with this curved screen.

Phantom phones are currently not available in Indonesia. The new Phantom is present in several countries on the African continent. Reporting from various sources, this phone is priced between Rp. 8 million – Rp. 10 million. The Tecno Phantom X phone comes in two color options, namely Starry Night and Monet Summer.

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