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Latest August 2021 Price List of Decorative Flowers

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Trends in Keeping Ornamental Flowers in a Pandemic

In times of pandemic like today, many people are worried about leaving the house and doing activities outside the home. The choice is to be active at home.

One of the activities carried out by the Indonesian people during this pandemic is farming. Planting and maintaining ornamental flowers is one of the choices.

Ornamental Flower Business Squirming

With so many requests for orders for ornamental flowers during this pandemic, the ornamental flower business is also squirming and coming back to life.

While several other businesses were negatively affected by the pandemic, the ornamental flower business actually experienced a surge in turnover. The new hobby of planting ornamental flowers is also becoming a trend, and business people are also splashed with sustenance.

Why Ornamental Flowers?

There are many reasons why people today prefer ornamental flowers over other plants to maintain. One of the reasons is its affordable price.

Ornamental flowers have advantages over other plants to maintain. In addition to the affordable price, its placement does not require a large space. Moreover, the millennial generation now prefers to live in an apartment or in a minimalist type house.

Decorative Flowers are Easier to Care for

Decorative flowers are the choice of the millennial generation because of their ease of care. Many ornamental flowers do not require special treatment in caring for them.

Decorative flowers can also be a therapy for most people. In addition to stress release, or releasing stress, paying attention to and caring for ornamental flowers is believed to improve health.

Selfie is not only self, but flowers can also

One of the trends that emerged during the pandemic was the large number of photos of ornamental flowers milling about on social media. If the timeline is usually filled with selfies, now the timeline is more ‘green’ because there are many photos of ornamental flower plants milling about.

If you don’t have ornamental flower plants to share on your social media, now is the right time to have ornamental flowers and spread positive vibes in your circle.

Living Decorative Flowers or Plastic Decorative Flowers?

You must have had feelings of fear when it came to caring for live ornamental flowers. The fear that ornamental flowers may die in our hands is so haunting and makes some people reluctant to plant live flowers.

Don’t worry. Currently, there are many ornamental flower plants made of plastic in circulation. So for those of you who want to have a greener and fresher room but are afraid you can’t take care of it, you can choose artificial flower plants from plastic.

Now do you want to choose live ornamental flowers or plastic ones? The choice is yours.

The Average Price of Decorative Flowers

As there is a lot of demand for ornamental flower plants lately, the prices in the market are increasingly competitive.

For live ornamental flowers, many sellers are selling them at relatively cheap prices starting from Rp. 10 thousand to hundreds of thousands. Depends on the type of ornamental flower.

Meanwhile, for decorative flowers made of plastic, the size of the flowers and the level of difficulty of workmanship are the parameters for the seller to determine the price. But don’t worry, in the marketplace the lowest price is only IDR 10,000 for small decorative flowers made of plastic and the price can also reach hundreds of thousands according to the type.

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