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5 Ways to Reduce Noise at Home

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JAKARTA, – A quiet and peaceful home is a happy home. Even such home conditions allow us to concentrate, work, and rest well.

Unfortunately, this is often not considered and considered when designing or decorating a house.

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Most homeowners choose to spend a lot of time contemplating purchasing the right furniture and color schemes to create a calm and welcoming home, but often overlook one important element: soundproofing.

Noisy neighbors, distracting appliances, and echo-triggering floors can quickly spoil the atmosphere of a noisy home.

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Luckily, there are some easy ways you can do to drown out loud noises and bring back a sense of peace and quiet at home.

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Launching from the page Homes to Loves, Monday (16/8/2021), here’s how to reduce noise at home.

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In addition to wind and insects, cracks in windows and doors can also allow unwanted outside noise to enter.

While you can hire a professional to make your home windproof, a cheaper solution is to do it yourself.

Here’s how, buy it sealant silicone from a hardware store for repairing cracks in window panes and filling gaps between glass and frame.

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If you live near a busy main road, invest in a door fitted and garage seals. Both can dramatically reduce outside noise.

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