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Here’s How to Make a Twibbon for the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia

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TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Here’s how to make a twibbon for the 76th HUT RI Spirit Hari Kemerdekaan into IG, Facebook and WA WhatsApp profile photos.

Twibbon is a photo frame with PNG format that is used to make photos more interesting.

Twibbon is useful for beautifying photos.

Twibbon is usually used for making promotions.

Promotions can be made of various kinds.

Either from the product or social campaign.

Twibbon can be used for making promotional banners on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Following give a tutorial on how to make twibbon HUT RI Ke-76 Spirit Hari Kemerdekaan.

1. Click link twibonn

2. Click “Browse Image” and choose the photo you want to put on twibbon

3. If you have, click “Ok / Continue”

4. Adjust the position of the photo (you can see the preview of the twibbon photo at the bottom) the photo does not exceed 5MB

5. If it feels right, click upload image or hold on twibbon to download photos.

You can upload photos with Twibbon later on social media or become profile photos on IG, Facebook and WhatsApp WhatsApp.

The element of beauty in the form of this photo frame is not only aesthetic, but to attract attention.

The more beautiful it will be more attractive to many people to see it.

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