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Parigi Moutong Economic Growth 2020 Minus 4.92 Percent

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Gemasulawesi- The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said that Parigi Moutong’s economic growth condition was minus 4.92 percent, measured from the 2020 Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) minus to the number.

“This condition should not be repeated again, the local government must immediately improve itself,” said Head of BPS Parigi Moutong, Simon, when met on Friday, August 13, 2021.

According to him, the economic growth rate of Parigi Moutong according to the business field in 2020, is actually minus 4.92 percent. Lower than the actual 2019 2.32 percent.

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Parigi Moutong’s negative economic growth was due to the non-operation of facilities and infrastructure to support agricultural production, he said. For example, irrigation areas in Palasa District and Bolano Lambunu.

As a result, a lot of land has changed its function from rice fields to corn plants. The major impact was a major production decline in the region.

“Hopefully there will be improvement this year. During the Musrenbang some time ago, we also raised this issue,” he said.

He said that there must be concrete steps taken by the government through the relevant OPD, such as the Public Works, Spatial Planning, and Land Offices to repair irrigation areas that were not operating at that time.

Then, the Department of Agriculture is to provide encouragement and motivation to rice farmers, not to shift the function of their land to other crops. Thus, the decline in rice production continues.

“How far the related OPD has made these improvements, it must be evaluated. Because agriculture will boost our economic growth in Parigi Moutong,” he explained.

Based on data from BPS Parigi Moutong, Parigi Moutong’s economic growth based on GRDP 2020, according to prices, reached 17.18 trillion and 11.11 trillion at constant prices.

Then, the three largest business fields that contribute to GRDP are the agricultural sector by 42.61 percent, trade by 15.05 percent, and by 12.75 from the construction sector.

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The three largest business fields with the rate of GRDP growth

Meanwhile, the three largest business fields with a GRDP growth rate are financial and insurance services at 14.45 percent, information and communication at 8.40 percent, and health services and social activities at 7.42 percent.

BPS also detailed that the population of Parigi Moutong Regency in 2020 was 440,015 people, consisting of men reaching 51.34 percent, and women reaching 48.66 percent.

In addition, the open unemployment rate in Parigi Moutong in the same year was 2.70 percent, out of 100 residents after work 3 people were unemployed.

Finally, the 2020 Parigi Moutong Regency Development Index, which is 65.44 percent, is the 10th highest number in Central Sulawesi.

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Report: Novita Ramadhani

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