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How to Make Beautiful Knitting Bags for Beginners, There’s a Checkered Bag that’s Trending!

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Knitting bags are a must in your bag collection at home. In addition to being unique, knitted bags are also comfortable for everyday use, you know. Instead of buying it, you can make your own knitting bag in your spare time. How to make a knitting bag is quite easy, and the materials are not difficult to find.

There are many models of knitting bags that Moms can make, starting from wallets, totebag, handbags to backpacks. By making your own crochet bag, Moms will be more proud to wear it.

In addition, it can be used to start a small business by offering it to friends or through social media. Who knows, a knitted bag made by Moms brings money.

How to Make a Knitting Bag

how to make a crochet bag


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This time Orami will review how to make a knitting bag that is easy to practice, even for beginners. However, before that, you need to know at a glance about the knitting technique and the materials used.

So, there are two known knitting techniques, namely: knitting and crochet. The difference is in the needle used. If crochet it is enough to use only one needle, while knitting using two knitting needles.

The name of the needle is different, you know, Moms! Single needle for crochet called hook or hakpen, and double needle for knitting called knitting needles.

As for the threads used in the form of walnut wool, kinlon, nylon, cotton thread, polyester thread, panda thread and many more.

how to make a crochet bag


Beginners who are just learning to knit are also required to understand the terms and symbols crochet, to make it easier to read the knitting pattern. For example, Lp(Loop) for thread loops on the hook, Turn, Sp (space) for spaces, St (stitch), Crochet Marker for puncture markers.

Furthermore, MC (main color) is used if the pattern uses more than 1 color, WS (wrong side) or rear view, RS (right side) or front view, and Magic Ring.

Equally important is learning the basic stitches such as chain stitch (Ch), single stitch (Sc), half double stitch (Hdc), double stitch (Dc), triple stitch (Trc), picot stitch (Pic) and slip stitch. (S1 st/SS).

Guide to Making Knitting Bags for Beginners

how to make a crochet bag


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Ready to knit, Moms? Come on, follow how to make a simple knitting bag below!

Materials and Tools:

  • D36 nylon thread
  • Hakpen number 5
  • Scissors
  • Zipper
  • Croton cloth

How to make:

Before knitting, make sure you have studied the various stitches crochet first yes. How to make this knitting bag is quite easy because it only uses a single stitch type or single crochet (Sc). Here are the steps!

1. For the bag base, make a bow tie first, then make a double chain of 32 chains, plus one chain for the foundation.

2. Fill the chain hole with single crochet (Sc), starting from the second loop to the end of the chain.

3. Rewind, by doing the same thing that is filling loop with single crochet.

how to make a crochet bag


4. Do it back and forth to produce six rows.

5. Next make the edges, around to the top right corner.

6. Fill each corner with 2 Sc in each hole and the next hole with 1 Sc until finished.

7. Without cutting the thread, continue making round 1 Sc back loop, and then with Sc one line for the prefix.

8. Next make 2 Sc in one hole, then skip in the next hole.

9. Follow the same way and pattern to form a small bag or pouch.

10. Then, make 1 Sc in one hole without jumping or skipping to four rows or rotations.

how to make a crochet bag


11. When finished, cut the remaining thread and tuck it into the hole.

12. Finally, attach the puring cloth and zipper.

13. Your knitting bag is finished. Moms can use this small bag as a pouch make up or save cards and cellphones, you know!

How to Make the Latest Knitting Bags

If Moms are more proficient, now is the time to be creative to make other knitting bags. Orami will share a tutorial or how to make a knitting bag in the form of a checkered bag trending. Come on, see the steps!

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Two Color Checkered Bag

how to make a crochet bag


1. Provide tools and materials in the form of two threads soft cotton big polyester different colors, hakpen number 5, scissors and embroidery needles.

2. Create slip knot first. Then continue by making 51 chains (chain).

3. Once done, for the first row on the second chain make 5 single crochet with the first thread.

4. On single crochet fifth, the thread is not pulled completely, but leave two loop in hakpen.

5. Then replace with another thread, the way the thread is hooked into the inside loop which was in the hakpen earlier.

6. After changing the yarn, regenerate five Sc with the new yarn.

7. Do the same pattern, on the fifth SC, leave two loop and change the thread again.

8. Don’t forget to tuck the yarn during the knitting process so that the yarn is easily replaced during the yarn replacement process.

9. Do the same thing until the end of the chain. When you get to the end, make another chain, and turn it around.

10. For the second row repeat the same pattern, make 5 Sc then change the thread again until the end of the chain of the second row.

11. Make 1 chain, then reverse knitting, and repeat again for the third, fourth and fifth rows with the same pattern.

how to make a crochet bag


12. Done until the fifth row, the last Sc thread is replaced, to make it alternate colors.

13. After changing yarn, make 1 more chain and reverse knitting. Don’t forget to tuck the thread behind it.

14. Repeat the same pattern from rows six to ten.

15. Each time you reach the end of the chain, 1 chain then reverse knitting.

16. Done until row 10, change yarn again, and make 1 chain and then reverse knitting. Tuck the thread behind.

17. Do the same pattern to form 6 squares up and 10 squares to the side.

18. Next, make Sc around the edges.

19. Finish Sc entirely, create slip stitch at the end. Make 1 Ch (chain) and cut off the remaining thread.

20. Make two patterns for the body of the bag in the same way for the front and back.

21. The next step is to make the bag strap, by making slip knot first.

22. Make 181 chains for 36 boxes.

23. Repeat for 5 pieces of Sc, using two threads alternately, until the end of the chain.

24. Make up to 5 lines only.

25. When finished, trim the edges and make Sc around the edges.

  • Sewing the Body and Bag Straps

26. The next stage is to unite the bag body and the bag strap.

27. Sew neatly on the outside of the bag so that later the bag does not need to be turned over.

28. Next, continue to sew the body of the second bag.

29. The final stage, cut and trim the remnants of the thread.

30. Knitting bag checkered bag it’s finished.

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Well, that’s Moms how to make a knitting bag that is easy to practice at home! Come on, take advantage of your free time by doing fun activities and producing something!

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