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How to Store Omelet Rolls to Keep it Moist and Not Easily Stale

  • Share – There are many typical Indonesian market snacks. Some of them are wet cakes made from flour and a mixture of coconut milk, for example omelet rolls.

Generally, wet cakes such as omelet rolls cannot be stored for too long like pastries.

Chef de Partie Nurroji from Artotel Thamrin Jakarta said the omelette rolls can be stored at room temperature for only one day.

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This is because in the manufacturing process, some omelet roll recipes use coconut milk so they are risky to go stale.

In addition, the typical Indonesian omelette is also filled using unti which is a mixture of coconut and sugar.

How to store the omelette rolls to keep them soft and not stale, it is recommended that Nurroji store them at room temperature.

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“Usually, omelette rolls are packaged in plastic, yes, it’s stored all day and it’s also durable,” said Nurroji, Monday (2/8/2021).

The plastic packaging on the rolls helps the surface of the rolls to stay moist and not dry.

“If the omelette rolls are not packaged in plastic, it will dry out and turn ugly, it’s not good,” said Nurroji.

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If you want to store the omelette for longer, Nurroji suggests storing the omelette in the refrigerator or freezer.

Simply put the omelet rolls that have been packed with plastic into an airtight container.

Insert and store the container in the refrigerator or freezer. Steamed omelette rolls when you want to eat.

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