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Mukomuko targets 700 hectares of oil palm rejuvenation by August

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Mukomuko (ANTARA) –

The Agriculture Service of Mukomuko Regency, Bengkulu Province, is targeting the rejuvenation of unproductive oil palm plants because it uses careless and old seeds on 700 hectares of land owned by farmer groups in August 2021,

“From the rejuvenation target of 1,500 hectares of oil palm plantations this year, 700 hectares of which are targeted to be fulfilled in August,” said the Acting Head of the Mukomuko Regency Agriculture Service, Apriansyah in Mukomuko, Monday.

He said he was worried that if the 700-hectare oil palm rejuvenation target was not met, the quota for this year’s 1,500-hectare oil palm rejuvenation program would be reduced.

For this reason, he said that his party continues to strive to meet the target of rejuvenating 700 hectares of oil palm plantations until August this year.

“We’ll see until the end of August whether the target for oil palm rejuvenation can be achieved in an area of ​​700 hectares or not,” he said.

Meanwhile, three farmer groups spread across a number of areas have proposed rejuvenation of oil palm plantations on an area of ​​345.68 hectares.

The three farmer groups are Sinar Abadi KRP in Sungai Gading Village covering an area of ​​132.43 hectares, the Cahaya Sejahtera Farmer Group in Talang Sakti Village covering an area of ​​120.47 hectares, and the Maju Bersama farmer group in Sungai Lintang Village covering an area of ​​92.78 hectares.

Then there are two farmer groups from Lubuk Pinang Village, Lubuk Pinang Sub-district, who have proposed the rejuvenation of oil palm plantations, namely the Tandan Mas Group of about 80 hectares and the Prosperous Farmers Group of about 90 hectares.

He said that the proposal for rejuvenating unproductive oil palm plants using random and old seeds belonging to these two farmer groups had reached the district level.

However, he said the two farmer groups had not yet completed a number of requirements for the oil palm rejuvenation program, such as a land certificate, which must be accompanied by a land plan, a witness’s signature and an open camera photo.

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