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Opportunities for Central Kalimantan Agricultural Exports are Open, said the Deputy Governor of this Commodity Potential

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Deputy Governor of Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) Edy Pratowo emphasized that the provincial government will take various policy steps to follow up on President Joko Widodo’s instructions, regarding the development of export-oriented agricultural centers.

Edy said that in the virtual Independent Agricultural Export activity that he participated in on Sunday (15/8), the head of state asked all regions to build centers for superior export agricultural commodities, such as palm products, rubber, coffee and so on.

“This is very good because it means that we are given the widest possible authority to carry out trade efforts to send agricultural products in a broad sense outside the Central Kalimantan region,” he said yesterday.

He continued that in his directives the President also added commodities in the regions that could be developed for export products. Call it swallow nests, porang, essential oils, and other commodities, such as jasmine flowers, ornamental plants, udamame, and other horticulture.

Related to this, Central Kalimantan itself is considered to have potential as described by the President. One of them is rubber which has become a hereditary business from the people of Central Kalimantan, then oil palm and swallow’s nest.

“Central Kalimantan also has export potential for ornamental plants and other agricultural products, which at that time became an export commodity, the price could be four times the selling price here,” said Edy Pratowo.

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