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President Jokowi’s Koja Bag Steals Attention, Turns Out This Is His Philosophy: Okezone Lifestyle

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CLOTHING President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the 2021 MPR RI Annual Session indeed stole the attention. Using the traditional clothing of the Badui Tribe, Banten, President Jokowi once again displayed the beauty of traditional Indonesian clothing.

But what also caught the attention of netizens was the koja bag slung by the number one person in Indonesia. Yes, the typical Bedouin accessory is stealing attention because it looks unique and aesthetic at the same time. If you look closely, the bag is not made of cotton or other bag materials in general, but plant roots.

Jokowi himself also combined the bag with typical black Bedouin clothes. He wore gladiator sandals to complete his look. Even though in reality, the Bedouin rarely wear footwear, right?

President Jokowi

So, what is the philosophy of the Badui koja bag worn by Jokowi who is the center of attention?

According to the Indonesia Kaya page, the Badui koja bag is made from the bark of the Teureup Tree or applied which has termite resistance. To be able to make koja bags, Bedouin residents must enter the interior of the forest, you know.

After the tree bark is found, the next process is to dry it and then make it into fibers which are finally made into thread. The threads that have been knitted are patterned in such a way that the koja bag is formed.

“In general, the process of making this bag can take a few days to a week, depending on the availability of the clothing material and the complexity of the motifs formed in the koja bag,” explained the report on the page, Monday (16/8/2021).

These bags are part of the daily life of the Bedouin. So, when they farm, cultivate crops, and catch fish in the river, this bag will always be carried. This bag is so closely related to the life of the Bedouin, yes.

The philosophy behind this bag is so deep. Unite together with the Bedouin themselves, inseparable. In fact, it is known that this bag will decompose naturally when the wearer is not using the bag.

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