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7 Breast Masks Made From Natural, Here’s How To Make And Its Benefits

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Having beautiful and well-groomed breasts is a dream for many women. Moreover, this one part of the body plays an important role in sexual activity. So do not be surprised if various efforts are made so that the breasts are always tight. Well, one way is to use a breast mask.

7 Ways to Make Breast Masks from Natural Ingredients

Currently, masks, specifically for breasts, are available in practical packaging, such as those issued by several brand beauty product. But do you know Parents, some natural ingredients that are at home can also be used for breast masks, you know. So, what materials are needed? Check out the list below!

1. Coffee Mask

breast mask

Coffee contains a variety of natural antioxidants that can tighten breast skin. Coffee grounds can work as a natural mask that is perfect for treating breasts to keep them beautifully manicured.

The ingredients you need are 1 tablespoon of ground coffee, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Mix all ingredients until it becomes a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the breast while massaging. After an hour, rinse the area thoroughly.

2. Natural Mask from Egg White

Can Make Your Breasts Firmer, Try These 7 Natural Breast Masks!

In addition to tightening facial skin as a mask, egg whites are also able to help tighten breasts. This is because egg whites contain protein albumin, collagen, and hydrolipids that are able to nourish and plump the breasts.

How to make a breast mask from egg whites is also very easy. Crack the eggs and then separate the whites from the yolks. Apply the egg white on the breast using a brush so that it is evenly distributed. Wait about 30 hours and rinse using cold water.

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3. Cucumber and Egg Yolk

breast mask

Cucumber is known to be able to tighten sagging breast skin. While the egg yolk contains a lot of nutrients that can rejuvenate breast cells. The combination of two natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins and protein is quite effective as a breast mask.

As for how to make it, first puree the cucumber with a grater or blender. Then add the egg yolks and mix well. After that, apply the mixture on the breast using a brush to keep it hygienic. Repeat this method 2 to 3 times a week for maximum results.

4. Breast Mask of Olive Oil and Wheat Seed Oil

breast mask

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that can ward off free radicals that cause skin to lose its elasticity. Meanwhile, wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E which is good for skin rejuvenation around the breasts.

How to make a mask from olive oil and wheat germ oil for a breast mask is to mix 1 tsp of olive oil with 10 drops of wheat germ oil and mix well. Apply on the breasts while gently massaged in circular motions on both breasts for 10 minutes. Do it regularly in the morning and evening.

5. Using Carrots

Can Make Your Breasts Firmer, Try These 7 Natural Breast Masks!

The powerful antioxidants present in carrots will work to make your breasts look firmer. How to make a breast mask from this vitamin-rich fruit is also very easy.

Blend carrots with a little water until smooth. Pour carrot juice extract and fill in ice cube molds. Store in the freezer until frozen. Massage your breasts with frozen carrot juice every day, then see the difference one week later.

6. Aloe Vera

Can Make Your Breasts Firmer, Try These 7 Natural Breast Masks!

Aloe vera plant can also be used as a natural breast mask, you know. The reason, Vitamin E contained in aloe vera is very good for tightening the skin around the breast. Perform treatment with aloe vera regularly so that the breast cell regeneration process is faster.

How to make it fairly simple. First of all, prepare 1 aloe vera stick and peel the skin. Take aloe vera gel, puree, then apply on the breast while massaging. Let stand for 30 minutes until the active ingredients are absorbed and then rinse with clean water.

7. Fenugreek, One of the Scientifically Proven Breast Masks

Can Make Your Breasts Firmer, Try These 7 Natural Breast Masks!

Fenugreek is a typical Indian plant that can be used as an ingredient in breast masks. In fact, nowadays fenugreek is widely added to the ingredients for making breast creams. This herbal ingredient is also often used by the Turks and Egyptians to massage the breasts.

According to the Unila Medical Journal, fenugreek contains a diosgenin compound which has phytoestrogen properties similar to the hormone estrogen in the body. This is believed to stimulate the growth of breasts to be bigger.

Fenugreek for breast masks can be made by soaking fenugreek seeds overnight in water. Then, grind the fenugreek seeds to form a paste and apply it on the breast while massaging.

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Breast Mask Benefits

breast mask

Currently, there are many claims that breast masks are able to increase breast size according to the desired size. In fact, most breast masks, both natural and over-the-counter in the market, tighten and make them appear fuller.

Until now, there is still no definite research evidence related to special masks that can increase breast size significantly. However, the mask is quite useful in treating and maintaining breast density.

breast mask

The use of a special breast mask reported from the site Hermetanoia has other benefits, including:

  1. Hydrates and detoxifies breast tissue.
  2. Nourishes breast tissue with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in it.
  3. Faster healing for patients with breast imbalances such as pain, swelling, pain due to pressure, and so on.
  4. Increases blood circulation in the breasts.

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Basically, breast growth itself is influenced by complex factors, both external and internal, here are some of them:

1. Hormones

Can Make Your Breasts Firmer, Try These 7 Natural Breast Masks!

Female hormones such as estrogen greatly affect breast growth. There are several things that cause fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone, such as pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause that affect the shape and size of the breasts.

2. Weight

Basically the breast consists of fatty tissue. So that women who experience weight loss will certainly make their breasts smaller because the fat in the breasts is also reduced.

3. Aging

Can Make Your Breasts Firmer, Try These 7 Natural Breast Masks!

As we age, the elasticity of the skin decreases. This can make the breasts change shape to be more saggy. Exposure to sunlight, gravity, and other external factors can also make the signs of aging on the breast skin clearly visible.

4. Use of Bra

The use of an inappropriate bra also affects the shape of the breast, you know. Reporting from the NCBI website, about 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size, 70 percent wear a bra that is too small so that it makes the breasts hurt. Meanwhile, the rest wore too big breasts which made the breasts look slack and look small.


So, a breast mask can indeed help your breasts look firmer and healthier. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves that this form of treatment is able to significantly increase breast size.

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