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3 Types of Coconut to Make Traditional Cakes

  • Share – Coconut is one of the ingredients commonly used in Indonesian cuisine. Including traditional cakes.

Utilization of coconut can be done by several methods, for example grated and made into coconut milk or unti.

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There are three types of coconut that can be used to make traditional cakes. Each type has a different function.

Launching from “Indonesian Cakes: 165 Popular Archipelago Confectionery Recipes” by Yasa Boga published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, here are three types of coconut and their functions in traditional cake recipes.

1. Old coconut

Old coconut has a dark brown and dry epidermis. Coconut is commonly used to make coconut milk to make it more concentrated.

However, the second and fourth feelings can produce liquid coconut milk.

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Before using the old coconut must be typed first until it is clean. This is done so that the coconut milk is free from the flakes of the epidermis in the form of brown spots.

illustration of coconut flour or coconut flour. SHUTTERSTOCK/Africa Studio illustration of coconut flour or coconut flour.

Besides coconut milk, old coconut can also be used to make coconut flour.

Launch page WebMDCoconut flour is one of the gluten-free flours that is suitable for making cakes. Especially the baked cakes.

In terms of texture, coconut flour is thicker than wheat flour. Because this flour has more liquid content.

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