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Price Prediction for Premium MPV Hyundai Staria, Competitors of Alphard, Reaching IDR 1 Billion?

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PEOPLE’S MIND – PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) is ready to introduce their new product in the near future. It is planned that, Friday, August 20, 2021, the Hyundai Staria MPV will officially launch in Indonesia.

The launch of this car has been awaited by automotive enthusiasts in the country. Because the Hyundai Staria will be the only other premium MPV challenger, namely the Toyota Alphard in Indonesia.

Talking about the Hyundai Staria, PT HMID has not provided any leaks regarding this car.

The only information provided by PT HMID is how to launch the Hyundai Staria which will be carried out online and can be watched live streaming from Youtube.

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Although Hyundai has not yet informed, the price prediction from the Hyundai Staria is predictable.

The reason is that data from the Hyundai Staria car has been entered into the government’s Motor Vehicle Sale and Purchase Value (NJKB) website.

On the website, it is explained that the Hyundai Staria will be available in one variant, namely the Staria 2.2 2WD BAT.

This indicates that the Hyundai Staria launched in Indonesia will only use a 2,200 CC diesel engine without the option of a 3,500 CC gasoline engine.

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