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Pay attention to the following sentences! …. how to make a toy car? The right question word to complete

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why does grandma feel happy?​

Look at the text of the following observation report! SOY CREAM MILK Soy milk (soybean juice) is a term that has been…

we often hear. Soy milk is a drink made from soy juice that has many benefits. Soy milk has existed in China for thousands of years, 1900 years to be exact. Basically soy milk is different from cow’s milk. Soy milk has characteristics, namely white, sweet taste, made from soybean juice (soybean plant). While cow’s milk comes from cows that contain casein. However, soy milk can also be consumed by people who are allergic to cow’s milk, so soy milk can replace the role of cow’s milk. Today’s soy milk has many variations in flavors including melon, chocolate, strawberry, durian, and others. Soy milk can be consumed by all ages except toddlers. Soy milk is usually consumed at breakfast served with bread or cake, and is suitable for consumption during leisure time by combining it with various types of snacks. Soy milk contains a lot of protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, anti-aging compounds, and others. other. With a lot of nutritional content contained in soy milk, soy milk also has many benefits including preventing premature aging, refreshing the body, overcoming lactose intolerance, preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease, reducing cholesterol levels, preventing diabetes, and others. . Problem 1. Based on the contents, analyze the structure of the text of the report on the observation above!2. Determine the 3 linguistic elements contained in the text of the observation report above!​

make a question when, what, who, why, where about Indonesian independence day, please answer me kk

Mention the structure of the explanation text?​

In closing, I quote the proverb which says that cleanliness is part of faith, so if someone doesn’t care about health…

ersihan then he is really not a believer. In the quotation of the text of the speech using the vocabulary…. *5 poinA. imaginativeB. narrativeC. emotive

TASK 1. Make one of the texts of the observation report and don’t forget to write down the date, time and place of the observation that you observed the obj…

oak around your environment by paying attention to the steps of activities, namely as follows! a. Determine the theme or topic b. The purpose of writing a report on the results of observations c. Observation activities through direct observations d. Develop criteria for reported aspects e. Describe the elements described according to their aspects f. Completing the text of the observation report with data and pictures g. Make a conclusion of the observation report

hey brainly people…. I GIVE YOU A LOT OF POINTS BUT DON’T ANSWER AN ANSWER!!! please, make a tourist mind map in East Java. Maple: …

simkomding (simulation and digital communication) class : Xʕ •ᴥ•ʔ​

The text of the observation report about the perforated widow

Snippets of Diving Text and tables and Conversely, if the more gracias can be seen a little ionized solution, the number of leaves of the plant’s electrical conductivity…

The more beans, the weaker the tau beans without experiencing a decrease in growth. According to Indrakusuma, an electroline solution is a solution that (2000), a decrease in height can conduct plants due to electricity, while a solution for adding non-electrolyte fertilizers is organic and it can be a solution that cannot also result in conducting electricity, increasing the available nutrients in the soil.

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