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Instagramable Sunflower Gardens in Mojokerto, Beautiful Nature Tourism during PPKM

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MOJOKERTO, AYOSURABAYA.COM – A rice field in Bekucuk Hamlet, Tempuran Village, Sooko District, Mojokerto Regency, suddenly went viral on social media because the owner changed crops that failed to harvest into sunflower plants.

Budi Utami’s sunflower garden has also become a favorite for tourists or visitors to take selfies. This is because the 60-day-old sunflower plant has already flowered. That way, the blooming sunflower becomes an instagramable photo spot.

Not only from Mojokerto, visitors from outside Mojokerto also deliberately come to the sunflower garden just to take selfies while relaxing in the middle of PPKM as a number of tourist attractions close during PPKM.

Many visitors come, especially in the morning and evening. Not only those who are still Anak Baru Gede (ABG) who came to the impromptu tour, but also a group of families who came to the sunflower garden which spans an area of ​​7,000 square meters.

Actually, the sunflower garden is not a tourist spot. It’s an ordinary garden that the owner, Wahyu Harijanto and Budi Utami, residents of Surodinawan, Prajurit Kulon District, Mojokerto City planted with sunflowers. Because his garden often fails to harvest because he is eaten by leafhoppers and floods.

The sunflower garden in Bekucuk Hamlet, Tempuran Village, Sooko District, Mojokerto Regency became an impromptu tour.

About two months ago, the owner changed the rice fields with sunflower plants. The sunflower plants planted at this time are 60 days old and only harvested when they are 90 days old. When harvesting sunflower seeds will be taken as a snack kwaci.

Because the position of the garden, which is on the side of the road, was initially used as a selfie for only a few people. However, because it was uploaded on social media, it finally went viral and became a new tour in Mojokerto. The owner did not expect his sunflower cultivation to go viral on social media.

One of the tourists, Tomy (31) admitted that he knows about social media. “Knowing from social media, friends and family continue to come here, groups. Good, I thought it could only be planted in mountainous areas, but in the lowlands it can. Yes, take photos with the family,” he said, Monday (16/8/2021).

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