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Be Creative from Home, Here’s How To Make Silky Pudding Strawberry Yoghurt, Make It Come On!

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GALAMEDIA – Various unique traditions are usually present to celebrate the birthday of the Republic of Indonesia every year.

But unlike this year, we celebrate independence in the midst of a pandemic. However, we can be creative at home.

One of them is making food or drinks with a Red and White theme.

What is it about? So here’s how to make silky strawberry yogurt pudding from the @mari.eattt tiktok account:

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Basic material:
– 1 tsp agar powder
– 1 tsp nutrijel powder
– 600ml yogurt drink
– 400ml UHT milk
– Sweet and sour (to taste)

Strawberry juice ingredients
– 200gr of strawberries
– 90gr granulated sugar
– 100ml susu UHT

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How to make
– Pour all the basic ingredients into a skillet over low heat, then stir evenly until it boils.

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