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12 Ways to Make Pempek Palembang of Various Types, Soft and Chewy

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Pempek Submarine


250 grams of mackerel

180 grams tapioca flour

3 tbsp wheat flour

180 ml air es

5 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 egg (take the white)

4 egg yolks (for dipping pempek filling)

1 tsp sugar

salt to taste

Cuko Sauce Ingredients:

3 sticks of brown sugar

700 ml air

1 tbsp tamarind

1 tbsp sugar

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

8 pieces of cayenne pepper (can be according to taste)

2 tsp ebi, mashed

1 tsp sugar

How to make Pempek Palembang submarine:

1. Puree the mackerel with a food processor.

2. Mix the mashed fish meat with garlic, tapioca flour, wheat flour, and 1 egg white. Knead while being given ice water little by little until the dough is easy to form.

3. Take enough dough, round it, give it a hollow, fill it with egg yolk, then close the edges.

4. Boil the pempek dough that has been formed until it floats.

5. To make cuko sauce, bring brown sugar and water to a boil. Enter the sugar, salt, tamarind, ebi, and chili that have been mashed. Bring to a boil and then strain.

6. Enjoy pempek with cuko sauce and sliced ​​cucumber.

Pempek Lenjer

Pempek Ingredients:

500 g mackerel meat, puree

25 g all-purpose flour

200 ml air

2 tsp salt

250 g of starch flour

water to boil

cooking oil

Ground spices:

10 pieces of cayenne pepper

2 sdm tongcai

4 cloves garlic

1 tsp salt


1 air

60 g of tamarind

250 g brown sugar, finely sliced

75 g of granulated sugar

2 tsp vinegar

2 tbsp ebi powder


yellow noodles

chopped/diced cucumber

How to make Pempek Palembang lenjer:

1. Cuko: Put the water with tamarind, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and ground spices in a saucepan, boil while stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves. Turn down the fire. Cook until the unpleasant smell of the spices is gone and the sauce is slightly reduced. Remove and strain. Add vinegar and ebi, mix well. Set aside to cool.

2. Pempek: Dissolve the flour with water, until it becomes a thick and slippery dough. Put the flour porridge in a saucepan, cook, stirring constantly until it becomes a thick porridge. Remove, cool.

3. Mix the fish meat with flour porridge, and salt, knead the dough until smooth. Add the flour little by little, stirring by hand until smooth. Divide the dough into 6-8 equal parts.

4. Form a dough cylinder with a length of 12 cm. Put the dough in boiling water. Boil until it floats / cooked. Remove, drain, leave to cool.

5. Heat a lot of cooking oil, fry the pempek gradually until golden yellow. Lift, drain. Serve pemepek with cuko and complementary according to taste.

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