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How to Make Herbal Drinks in the Style of Doctor Zaidul Akbar

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Literacy News – How to make herbal drinks that have many benefits, according to Doctor Zaidul Akbar.

Dr. Zaidul Akbar explained that honey, pandan, and ginger when processed into drinks have many benefits, and these drinks are good to drink before going to bed.

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Pandan is a leaf that has a distinctive aroma, and is usually used as a natural food coloring.

Then honey, which is a natural ingredient that has a sweet taste, is produced by bees from flower essences that are collected together.

Dr. Zaidul Akbar explained that ginger is the king of herbs. Moreover, if ginger is mixed with pandan, it is sweetened with honey and is good for consumption before going to bed.

Each ingredient has very many benefits, as quoted from various sources.

Here are the benefits of each ingredient and how to process it:

1. Benefits of pandan leaves

– Lowers blood sugar levels
– Lowers blood pressure
– Overcoming pain and cramps
– Rich in nourishing essential oils
– Overcoming cancer
– Neutralize poison
– Overcoming rheumatism
– Beneficial for skin health

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