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Capital of IDR 3 million per month, you can have a big 250cc Honda Forza scooter

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Currently, the Honda Forza is practically the most expensive scooter sold by Astra Honda Motor in the Indonesian market. This fully imported motorcycle (CBU), is priced at Rp. 84.6 million.

However, this Honda Forza can also be purchased on credit. From detikOto’s observation on Wahana Honda’s official website, this Honda Forza can be paid in installments of IDR 3 million per month.

Test ride Honda ForzaHonda Forza 250 Photo: Rangga Rahadiansyah

If you refer to the installment scheme calculated by Wahana Honda, this Honda Forza can be purchased with a down payment of Rp. 25 million.

With this down payment, the Honda Forza installment is IDR 3,005,000 per month, for 35 months or three years of credit.

However, if the down payment is higher, of course, the Honda Forza will have lighter monthly installments. It can even be under Rp. 3 million.

If the DP Honda Forza is IDR 27 million, then the installments per month are IDR 2,912,000 for 35 months.

At the 2018 Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) event, AHM announced the official price of the 250 cc engine capacity scooter.  The price is IDR 76.5 million.Honda Forza released at the 2018 Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) Photo: Agung Pambudhy

However, Wahana Honda wrote that this credit simulation is only for an illustration of the number of installments. For a more certain Honda Forza credit simulation, of course it must be discussed with the selling dealer.

Honda Forza is Honda’s flagship scooter, for the 250 cc automatic motorcycle class. In the market, this motorbike competes directly with the Yamaha XMAX 250.

On paper, the specifications of the Honda Forza are fairly balanced with the Yamaha XMAX 250. The Forza carries an eSP + engine, 4-valve, SOHC 249 cc.

Its power can be penetrated at 17 kW at 7,750 RPM engine speed. While the torque, able to touch the number 24 Nm at 6250 RPM engine speed.

This motorbike already uses LED headlights that come with a distinctive design. In addition, to support driving comfort, Honda Forza also comes with a Wind screen that can be adjusted electrically high and low.

Honda also provides this Forza with a key that is already keyless or called Honda with the Smart Key System. Then, the advanced features in this Forza are HSTC or Honda Selectable Torque Control.

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