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Terrorists disguise honey bee cattle –

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JAMBI – Three suspected terrorists who were arrested by Densus 88/Anti-terror in Tanjungjabung Barat, Friday (13/8), are still being held at the Brimob Command Headquarters of the Jambi Police. The three, namely Suwarno (38), Dhukut Warso (38) and Moh Ibunu Rois (44), were not brought to Jakarta.

A source at the Jambi Regional Police Headquarters admitted that the three had been detained at the Mobile Brigade Headquarters on the South Ring Road since they were taken from the location of arrest in Tanjungjabung Barat. Their departure schedule for Jakarta on Sunday (15/8) was postponed because the Densus team was still investigating.

Supposedly, these three suspects will join 34 of their fellow terrorist suspects in Jakarta who were arrested in a series of operations from Thursday (12/8) to Saturday (14/8). “The three of them are still being questioned at the Jambi Police Mobile Brigade Headquarters,” said a Jambi Metro source, Sunday (15/8).

Suwarno, Dhukut Warso and Moh Ibnu Rois were arrested in two different places in the Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) District 5 PT Wirakarya Sakti (WKS), Friday (13/8), at around 13.00 WIB.

Jambi Police Intelligence Director Kombes Pol Bondan Witjaksono confirmed the arrest. However, he was not willing to provide further information to the media. “According to the information from the Public Relations of the Police Headquarters,” he evaded.

According to information compiled by Metro Jambi, the suspected terrorist Suwarno has many aliases, including Agung, Mario, Hafid and Dodi. The man who was born in Karanganyar on November 12, 1982 is known to have lived in Gunung Sulah, Sukarame District, Bandar Lampung.

He is said to be part of the Adira and Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist organizations. A Metro Jambi source in the police said that Suwarno had a long record in terrorist organizations. He was a school principal and a cadre instructor as well as a motivator for JI members.

He is believed to have various martial arts skills, archery, making Molotov cocktails, and mastering the use of long-barreled weapons. He is said to have served as Chairman of Adira Lampung, which later entered the Central Adira management structure.

Dhukut Warso is also known by various aliases, including Marsono, Yanuar, Justin, Fatwan and Fauzan. The man who was born in Magetan on February 9, 1983 is known to have lived in Kebonagung, Magetan, East Java. He is suspected of attending a number of meetings affiliated with the terrorism movement.

Meanwhile, Moh Ibnu Rois was born in Sukoharjo on May 23, 1977 and had lived in Sanggrahan, Grogol District, Sukoharjo, Central Java. He is believed to be a member of JI Solo.

Suwarno and Dhukut Warso were arrested after Friday prayers on the road at District 5 HTI PT WKS. Allegedly, at that time the two of them would return to the honey farm cottage they had been managing in the area. Meanwhile, Ibnu was arrested in front of the honey farm hut of the Monitoring Post 530 in Lumahan Village, Senyerang.

The three entered West Tanjab as honey bee entrepreneurs in Senyerang, Tebingtinggi and Batangasam sub-districts. This disguise is almost perfect because it makes them less involved with outsiders.

The head of Rawang Kempas Village in Batangasam Sub-district, Lasmin, said that there were quite a lot of honey farming businesses in the three sub-districts because they were located in the PT WKS HTI area.

The honey bees that are cultivated in the area take their honey source from flowers or the nectar of the acacia tree planted by the Sinar Mas group company.

“Many groups of honey farmers around there have entered the PT WKS forest,” added Lasmin, Sunday (15/8). The breeders, he continued, came from various regions. There are those from Java, Lampung, in addition to the indigenous people of that area.

However, he admitted that he was not aware of any arrests on Friday (13/8) afternoon. “We don’t even know, thank you for the information. Our territory is indeed bordered by two sub-districts,” he said.

For this incident, Lasmin admitted that he would collect data on honey farmers to anticipate things that are not desirable. “We will carry out data collection and monitoring. We’ll give you more information later,” he said.

According to him, so far the beekeepers have never asked for permission. They immediately entered the area of ​​PT WKS’ acacia forest. They started to get crowded around the end of 2020. “It started getting crowded since November or December last year,” he said.

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