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Poco Confirms to Be an Independent Brand, Ready to Answer User Needs

  • Share, Jakarta – Poco is increasingly asserting its independence in the Indonesian market. As is known, the beginning of 2021 is an important milestone for Poco in the country.

Since the beginning of this year, Poco has officially become an independent brand with a team of product, sales and marketing alone. With this new status, Poco can move more freely and reach specific target markets, different from Xiaomi.

For information, Poco was originally a sub-brand from Xiaomi. As for smartphone The first Poco introduced in Indonesia was the Poco F1 in 2018.

“Poco announced the independence of the company at the beginning of this year and is the first step for the brand to be bolder and at the same time experiment with answering the needs of Poco fans through our products,” said Head of Marketing Poco Indonesia, Andi Renreng at a media event. update virtual.

Considering now Poco has brand Independently, Andri said, Poco will affirm its commitment to presenting technology products that meet the needs of users, especially consumers tech enthusiast.

“We will always stick to our commitment to answer the needs of technology lovers by presenting high-tech products,” Andi continued.

For information, this year Poco managed to announce a number of important achievements. One of them is that Poco just recorded the number of shipments smartphone his products have now reached more than 20 million units worldwide.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the Canalys research report in Q2 2021 revealed that one of Poco’s products, namely the Poco X3 Pro, occupies the top ten products. smartphone favorite in the country based on the number of shipments.

Poco himself was born and grew up with the company philosophy of ‘Everything you need, nothing you don’t’. With this philosophy, Poco presents products and specifications that are relevant to user needs while keeping up with technological development trends.

Currently, Poco has three product lines with different market segments. There is an M line for entry level, line X for class mid-range, and line F for segment flagship.

Although targeting different segments, Poco ensures that each product always offers extreme specifications and prices. This character is maintained to maintain loyalty and answer the needs of Poco fans.

“Wait for another surprise from us that will take the market by storm smartphone Indonesia,” said Andi closing his statement.

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Poco Smartphone Shipments in the Global Market Reach 20 Million Units

The appearance of the Poco M3 Pro 5G which will launch in Indonesia.  (St.)

The appearance of the Poco M3 Pro 5G which will launch in Indonesia. (St.)

Previously, Poco Global officially announced the achievement of the number of shipments smartphonewhich has now exceeded 20 million units worldwide. This shipping figure is calculated from smartphone Poco was introduced in 2018 to July 2021.

This latest data also informs the increase in the number of global shipments released in May 2021, which is more than 17.5 million units. This achievement is called a positive response to smartphone globally against Poco.

“The spirit of Poco fans is one of the reasons for us to continue to grow from the very beginning of our presence in Indonesia, until now we have become an independent brand,” said Head of Marketing Poco Indonesia, Andi Renreng in an official statement received, Monday (9/8/ 2021).

Therefore, Andi said, Poco will always try its best to bring extreme products at extreme prices in the future. Poco will also continue to improve services for customer satisfaction.

Poco’s Gait in Indonesia

The rear camera of the newly launched Poco M3 Pro 5G.  (St.)

The rear camera of the newly launched Poco M3 Pro 5G. (St.)

For information, even though it is a new brand, Poco Indonesia has presented a variety of products in the Indonesian market. It is noted that during the first half of 2021, Poco Indonesia has launched a variety of smartphone covering the entire product line.

Starting from the Poco M3 at the beginning of the year, followed by the Poco F3 5G and Poco X3 Pro, then most recently there was the Poco M3 Pro 5G. This varied product selection is said to be a testament to Poco’s commitment to always provide technology that suits the needs of Poco Fans.

According to Andi, Poco also admits that he is optimistic that he can continue to produce products that are always relevant to the trend of technological developments and the needs of the Indonesian people, facing market challenges. smartphone which is getting wider.


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