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Realizing Happy Sula, FAM-SAH Government Focuses on Empowering Farmers –

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Sanana | — The commitment of the Regent and Deputy Regent of the Sula Islands (Kepsul) to realize the mission of Sula Bahagia, is now gloriously proven in the community in the local area.

“For the Agriculture Sector, now we are moving to empower farmers to increase their welfare,” said Acting (Plt) Head of the Agriculture Service (Distan) of the Sula Islands Regional Government, Nurhati Latuconsina.

He said the empowerment program was one of the development of horticultural crops. “This is one of the strategic programs in realizing the political commitment of Regent Fifian Adeningsi Mus and Deputy Regent M Saleh Marasabessy (FAM-SAH),” he said.

The related offices are also committed to taking action in 2021. “Recently there was a visit by the Regent’s mother Fifian Adeningsi Mus in Waikolopa Village, where the Regent was very interested in empowering the farmers,” he added.imt/red).

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