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15 Benefits of Bidara Leaves for Your Health

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BANDUNG, Bidara or Widara (Ziziphus mauritiana) is a kind of small fruit-producing tree that grows in dry areas. Usually grows crooked with a height of up to 15 meters and stems of up to 40 cm.

The branches spread and often dangled with branches growing in confusion and short hair. Always green or semi-deciduous.

The condensing leaves are thorny, solitary and straight (5–7 mm) or in the form of dimorphic pairs, the latter being shorter and curved, sometimes without spines.
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Single leaves are alternate. The leaves are oval, oval or oblong, 2–9 cm x 1.5–5 cm, flat or slightly raised, glabrous and glossy on the top and tightly bristled with whitish hair on the underside, with three distinct main leaf bones that are parallel to the stem. short 8–15 mm.

The forked paying -shaped inflorescence grows in the leaf axils, 1–2 cm long, containing 7–20 buds. The flowers are small, 2–3 mm in diameter, yellowish, slightly fragrant, stalked 3–8 mm, the petals are 5 delta-shaped (triangular), hairy on the outside and bald on the inside; crown 5, somewhat shovel -like, concave and curved.

Stone fruit globose to ovoid, up to 6 cm × 4 cm in cultivated cultivars, but mostly much smaller in wild trees, smooth or leathery, glossy, thin but tough, yellowish, reddish to blackish if cooked.

The flesh of the fruit is white, flaky, with a lot of fruit juice that is rather sour to sweet in taste, becoming floury on the fully ripe fruit.

Seeds are enclosed in a shell that is ringed and irregularly grooved, containing 1–2 oval-shaped brown kernels.

Bidara leaves are also believed to have several health benefits. In addition to the leaves, fruit, seeds, bark and roots also have medicinal properties to aid digestion and as a poultice for wounds.

In Java, this bark is used to treat digestive disorders and in Malaysia, the mashed bark is used as a remedy for stomach aches.

Benefits of Bidara Leaf Plants:

  1. Helps the Skin Rejuvenation Process

You can make bidara leaves as an alternative skin care to overcome the problem of acne or wrinkles on the face because it contains polyphenols and flavonoids that can produce antioxidants and antibacterial.
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  1. Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can affect all ages. Diabetes cannot be cured but it can be controlled.

Bidara leaves are believed to lower blood sugar levels in the body. If you have diabetes, try to consume it regularly by boiling it.

But do not forget to always maintain a diet and lifestyle so that blood sugar levels remain stable.

  1. Treating Tumors and Cancer

If a benign tumor is not treated quickly, it will get worse and lead to cancer. Antioxidant compounds contained in Bidara leaves can inhibit the formation of tumor cells in the body.

  1. Treating Digestion

If you often experience ulcers, stomach cramps and want to treat it with herbal means, Bidara leaves can be used as a recommendation.
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This leaf extract can work as a protector of the stomach wall from acidic substances in the stomach or from food that enters the stomach and for stomach cramps and contains antispasmodic (anti-cramping) substances that serve to relieve symptoms of stomach pain due to excessive contractions.

  1. Hair Loss Treatment

Having hair loss is annoying because it lowers self-confidence. Bidara leaves can be used as a tonic by boiling the leaves then smeared on the hair and massaged.
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  1. Help Get Rid of Depression

Mental illnesses such as depression are experienced by all ages can be treated with Bidara Leaf because it has substances as anti-depressants. That is, the same antianxiety agent as benzodiazepin but does not give the effect of dependence.

Before you consume it, it would be better to consult first with professionals such as a psychiatrist or psychologist regarding your mental health.

  1. Relieves Fever

When you feel a fever, Bidara Leaf can be used as a fever-lowering drug because it contains flavonoid compounds that can reduce body temperature.

  1. Help Heal Wounds

Bidara leaves help to heal wounds such as abrasions due to falling or burning because they contain saponins, tannins and flavonoids that can stop bleeding and close wounds on the skin.

  1. Cure Hemorrhoids

A decoction of bidara leaves can also be used to treat hemorrhoids. Consumption regularly and can also apply Bidara Leaves on the swollen anus directly.
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  1. Lowers cholesterol

If you feel your shoulders are heavy after eating foods that contain high cholesterol, you can consume boiled water from the leaves of Bidara which can bind bad cholesterol and dispose of it through feces.

  1. Anti-Allergy Medication

Bidara leaves can be used as anti-allergic drugs, namely by inhibiting allergen-causing substances so as to prevent redness or allergies on the skin.

  1. Improve Heart Health

Bidara leaves contain neolignan compounds that have a good effect on blood circulation and the heart. In addition to consuming the leaves, you also have to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  1. Anthelmintic

If your child suffers from intestinal worms, you can use Bidara Leaf as an alternative because it has the ability to act as antigen-helmin (parasitic worms) in the body.

  1. Immune System Stimulus

In Bidara leaves there are phagocytic cells and neutrophil cells. Phagocytic cells are cells that function to eat bad germs or viruses and neutrophil cells are the body’s first defense cells when foreign substances enter the body.

Therefore, this leaf is good for boosting our immune system in addition to consuming healthy foods as well as exercising diligently.

  1. Anti Fungal Drugs

You can use Bidara Leaves as an antifungal drug because it contains methanol which is clinically proven to have an antifungal effect. You also have to always maintain cleanliness. May be useful.

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