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How to clean mold on car glass so it’s not blurry

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Illustration of how to clean mold on car windshield. PHOTO/ IST

JAKARTA – One of the factors causing discomfort when driving is the driver’s visibility is not optimal. The reason is, the area glass The front of the car is starting to look blurry. Usually influenced by the number of stains on the windshield that is difficult to clean.

In fact, stains or dirt on the glass are generally easy to clean. Like the stains of rain water splashes that are very easy to wipe with a wiper plus clean water or even a car wash ritual. READ ALSO – Experts Ensure that Variant C.37 is Easily Translucent for People Who Have Been Vaccinated with COVID-19

“But if the stains on the glass are difficult to clean even though they have been washed many times. It can be ascertained that the Peugeot Buddy’s car glass has a lot of fungus on its outer surface. So it needs special handling to remove mold on the glass surface,” explained Roni Agung, Workshop Head of Body & Paint Astra Peugeot Sunter.

The appearance of mold on the glass is usually caused by water and is not dried and then directly exposed to the hot sun. Sometimes rain and heat accelerate the mold process. The water droplets will evaporate and leave a water crust. In addition, the process of drying the car is not perfect can also present mold.

Ignore the stain marks, the early glass mold is a little more clear and firm. So make it a habit to wash your car in any condition, especially the windshield area to avoid stains. Use a special soap and directly on a clean cloth. Avoid direct sunlight too often so that the stains from the laundry don’t produce mold.

“But if it’s true windshield s already seen there are a lot of mushrooms, to eliminate them should not be done arbitrarily. Although in the market there are many that market a special liquid glass mold repellent. Moreover, each car manufacturer has different glass material specifications. If it is mishandled, it can also have an impact on the windshield itself,” warned Roni Agung.

If you don’t want that to happen to your car, Astra Peugeot’s official workshops in all its branches provide special services for car glass care. This treatment package is included in the exterior treatment category, but the procedure can be done separately or specifically.

Remember this treatment is carried out by reliable mechanics, of course with special materials and equipment so that the results are perfect.


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