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18 Sragen Farmers Died by Electrocution Trap Rats, The Minister of Agriculture Turns Out To Be Confused Yet Can’t Provide Solutions » JOGLOSEMAR NEWS

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A series of incidents of farmers being electrocuted to death by rat traps and the condition of the victims in the last 1.5 years. Photo collage/Wardoyo

SRAGEN, JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM – The series of cases of farmers dying from being electrocuted by rat traps that occurred in Sragen are still causing concern.

Not less than 18 farmers died at the hands of stun rat traps installed in the rice fields of various Sragen areas in the last one and a half years.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no real solution and real action to eradicate the rat pest which is the cause of the desperate farmers to set up electric traps.

The Sragen Regent, Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati admitted that actually the Regency Government had issued a Regent Regulation (Perbup) prohibiting the installation of rat trap stuns.

However, the ban was not enough to awaken farmers to stop installing stuns for mice.

Not only that, the police have also provided socialization and prohibitions to the severity of the crime for the perpetrators of installation.

“We have made the Perbup. But how do the farmers still install it,” he explained to JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM met in front of the Regent’s office, recently.

The Regent conveyed that various efforts, including supervision, socialization, and education to the community had also been carried out.

Then the solution to bring in natural predators of mice such as owls has also been done. However, efforts to mobilize owls are admittedly not effective in suppressing rat pests.

“We’ve asked Perbakin to shoot rats last night at a price of Rp. 5,000 per rat, it’s also not effective. Yes, indeed, we have carried out counseling after playing in 20 sub-districts, how come they are still giving electric shocks, meaning that the community is in a very difficult position, “explained the Regent.

Minister of Agriculture, Syahril Yasin Limpo (left) accompanied by Member of the Indonesian Parliament Luluk Nur Hamidah when visiting the PT Cahaya Intan Jaya rice mill in Toyogo, Connectmacan, Sragen, Friday (30/7/2021). Photo/Wardoyo

Response of the Minister of Agriculture

Not only that, when receiving a visit from the Minister of Agriculture, Syahril Yasin Limpo some time ago in Sragen, the Regent admitted that he had conveyed the problem of rats and the phenomenon of many farmers being electrocuted.

But at that time, the Minister of Agriculture was still confused to find a solution.

“Yesterday I conveyed to the Minister of Agriculture, he also could not provide an overview. How is the solution, no one has been able to provide a solution. This is how it is, like this. Not yet,” he explained.

Not only rats, at that time the question of the subsidized fertilizer quota being continuously reduced, the Minister also could not answer.

“Such as fertilizer problems cannot be answered because it is a national problem. The quota has indeed been reduced in all regions. But I thank you because the movement as a rice granary is a priority, right? We are in the top 10 national food buffers, “he said.

As is known, so far 18 farmers in a number of sub-districts in Sragen have died due to electrocution from rat traps. The last victim was Munadi (51) a farmer from Karangudi Village, Ngrampal who died after being electrocuted by a rat trap in his rice field on July 31, 2021.

Last choice

According to Sir Samsuri, a farmer from Karangudi Ngrampal who also installed mouse traps in his fields, admitted that electrocution was a last resort that would have to be done.

Because all means have been taken and could not reduce the rat attack.

“Actually, I know the risks, but what’s already happened, if you don’t put this (stun) on the plants, the crops will be completely destroyed, the harvest will fail,” he said.

He said that rat pests usually appear to attack when the plants are 2 weeks old after fertilization and look green.

As a small farmer, I actually follow the government’s advice. He was ready to release the mouse trap. However, he hopes that the government will also be consistent in thinking about farmers by helping with drugs or eradicating rats.

“The government should provide a solution on how to eradicate pests. So far, the government itself has not had any assistance or how to reduce rat pests. In the past, there was help like that firecracker, but it didn’t work either. What do the farmers tell you to do, sir,” he said. Wardoyo

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