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3 Ways to Use Suji Leaves for Food Coloring

  • Share – Suji leaves are commonly used as food coloring. Both in modern cakes and traditional snacks.

Sacred leaves can produce a darker green color than pandan leaves. However, it must be used carefully because these natural dyes are easily damaged and faded.

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Quoting from “Kue Ijo Lekker 50 Traditional Cake Recipes Plus Step By Step” by published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, here’s how to use suji leaves as food coloring so it doesn’t fade easily.

1. Puree first

The suji leaves to be used must be mashed first. You can puree it with a blender or a pestle.

In this process, suji leaves can be mixed with pandan leaves to make the color more beautiful.

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If necessary, suji leaf water can also be added with whiting water so that the color is more durable and does not fade easily.

Illustration of fresh suji leaves. SHUTTERSTOCK / ADRIEFFOTO Illustration of fresh suji leaves.

2. Use immediately after creation

Although the color is quite thick, suji leaf water easily fades. If left too long, this natural food coloring will turn brown.

Therefore, it is recommended to use suji leaf water as soon as possible.

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3. Pay attention to its use

Pandan leaf illustration Pandan leaf illustration

In use, suji leaves can replace water in recipes. By adding suji leaf water, the color of the cake becomes bright green.

Unfortunately, this natural dye is not strong enough to cook at hot temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to cook it at a low temperature.

Quote from Flavor, suji leaves can also be added to the dough before cooking. As long as it is stirred and kneaded evenly, the color of the suji leaves will look real.

The book “Kue Ijo Lekker 50 Traditional Cake Recipes Plus Step By Step” by published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama can be purchased online at

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