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Four Star Plate, This is the Specifications of Gahar Land Cruiser V8 General Listyo Sigit

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The National Police Chief’s V8 Land Cruiser Service Car and the Lx570 Lexus type carried by the TNI Commander (Photo: Special)

BANGKA BELITUNG, REQnews – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo held a meeting to discuss the handling of Covid-19 with the TNI Commander and Forkopimda Bangka Belitung on Saturday, August 14, 2021.

Two luxury Lexus cars and a Land Cruiser have been prepared for the National Police Chief and the TNI Commander to board upon arrival in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province. But the two of them even compactly climbed Hiace.

The V8 type Land Cruiser, which the National Police Chief is planning to ride, looks different, with a four-star symbol attached to the car’s license plate.

Then how about the specifications and sophistication of this V8 type Land Cruiser car?

The Toyota Land Cruiser has an engine and performance that is supported by a capable type, namely a 4.5 liter or 4461 cc V8 engine which is of course much better than a car specifically for domestic purposes.

The engine is capable of generating power up to 232 horsepower with 6 automatic transmissions and torque of 616 nm. The performance is certainly impressive which is supported by the quality of Toyota’s finishing which has also been proven globally.

The exterior design of this one car looks more trendy with some firm lines on the side of the car that give a slimmer impression. The body of this car is fairly spacious, but the arrangement and attractive design make this car still look proportional.

The car grill consists of 3 grills that are striking and also distinctive. Overall, cosmetic changes only exist in certain parts. In fact, for offroad enthusiasts, the Land Cruiser’s design fits the needs of the field very well.

The interior of the car is fairly spacious with a passenger capacity of 7 passengers. All seats are upholstered in premium leather and there are wooden accents on the dashboard that add a bit of aesthetic value to the minimalist Land Cruiser design.

There is an 8-inch touch screen that is useful for navigation and infotainment. A feature that is not missed from the Land Cruiser, of course, is the climate indicator feature.

This feature is very important to have in an off-road car so that the driver can know the climate when planning an off-road tour. In general, the interior of the Toyota Land Cruiser looks premium and in accordance with the price.

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