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Spiral T-Shaped Contraceptive Device – Crossword clue

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MarkAnswerQuestions/Hintsthe IUDContraceptionSPIRALContraceptive devices that are placed in a woman’s uterusSPIRALISASIThe introduction of contraception in the form of a spiral in family planning

CONDOMContraceptionFIESTAContraceptive brandSHE WASRound sports equipmentspirilspiral-shaped bacterialapFarm tools, in the form of a comb (for collecting garbage, weeding plants, etc.)typhoonThe wind rotates in a spiralENGRAVENeedle engraving toolTROMBONEA metal wind instrument in the shape of a trumpet at the endBADIKOne-edged daggerGONGA large percussion instrument, circular in shapeBONANGGamelan instrument shaped like a small gongMANDOLINStringed musical instrument in the form of pairsNSShaped ovipositor as a stinger on HymenopteraOBOA wooden musical instrument with a conical tip, emitting a loud toneMEGAPHONEFunnel-shaped device to amplify sound and adjust the direction of the soundSNAILMollusc animals, spiral-shaped skin, many kindsARCSemicircular tool for measuring degreesUKULELEA small, four -stringed, guitar -shaped musical instrument, played in keroncong musicNYIRUHousehold utensils made of round bambooSIMBALThe part of a drum musical instrument that is shaped like a plateCAJONThe name of a percussion instrument in the form of a six-sided boxBALALAIKARussian musical instruments, violins and other stringed triangular

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