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mention some of the benefits of making crafts from clam shells!​

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Junior High School


Mention 3 benefits of seashells and examples of the results of their processing into crafts!

Please answer, guys, the question is needed now

used as

– mixed paving materials,

– Limba shells can also be used as animal feed ingredients,

-And of course the shell can be crafted.


Here’s how to make a frame from sea shells.

Tools and materials used:



Sand beach

Lem putih

How to make a frame from sea shells is:

Determine the size of the frame, the inside must match the dimensions of the image.

Apply white glue to the edges of the cardboard

Sprinkle with beach sand

After that, stick the ornamental shells at the corners, shape them according to your taste

Let stand a few minutes until the glue dries, and it’s ready to use.

Welcome to try.

I hope this helps 😉

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