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Riview Specifications of Sakura LED TV 24 inch HD

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Who has never watched TV in this modern age, TV is a necessity that is needed in everyday life, which of course has various functions.

The function of TV in this modern age starts from entertainment, news, and can also earn money from TV

Okay, just go ahead. Golet Ilmu wants to recommend a TV with complete specifications and the price is affordable, it’s really cheap, friends, what’s the name of the TV? namely Sakura LED 24 inch HD TV.

Curious what are the specifications of the Sakura LED 24 inch HD TV?

The following are the specifications of the Sakura LED 24 inch HD TV

Excess :

-Monitor TV LED 24 inch
-Support to connect video and audio at the same time
-via HDMI port
-HDMI, AV, component, VGA, coaxial and USB connectors
-2 speaker internal
-Smart Power Saving System


-USB: 1
-HDMI: 1
-VGA: 1
-Output headphone: 1
-RF (input): 1
-AV input: 2
-With the help of intelligent energy saving function, maximum energy saving, power consumption: <50W

-Remote control TV
-Manual Products

So what is the price of the Sakura LED 24 Inch HD TV?

The price is quite cheap, my friends did not reach 1 million, only Rp728.000

already able to bring home a 24 inch HD Sakura LED TV

Where to buy?

Sakura LED 24 inch HD TV can be purchased or obtained at electronic stores in the area, and if you are lazy to go out you can also order online through the Marketplace

How are you interested in buying a 24-inch HD Sakura LED TV?

That’s the review of the Sakura LED 24 Inch HD TV Specifications that Golet Ilmu can convey to friends, hopefully it will be useful.

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