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The Ministry of Agriculture’s Independent Export Program is Expected to Stimulate the Agricultural Sector

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TRIBUNJATENG.COM, JAKARTA – The Free Agricultural Export Program was officially released by President Jokowi on Saturday (14/8). The program also provides new optimism for farmers and agricultural business actors.

At least, more than IDR 7 trillion of export value was generated for 7 days from 17 major airports and ports.

The Minister of Agriculture (Mentan), Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) explained that the Merdeka Export program was the implementation of various Ministry of Agriculture programs, one of which was the Three Times Exports Movement (Gratieks) program.

The program is expected to mobilize the government and society at the provincial and district/city levels to accelerate the export of agricultural products.

A number of export products that will be released in the Merdeka Export program include plantation commodities of 564,550 tons, food crops 4,277 tons, horticulture 7,230 tons, and livestock 4,013 tons.

With a total export product of 627,399 tons, it is estimated that this export achievement will contribute to the country’s foreign exchange up to Rp 7.29 trillion.

“We are also starting and encouraging faster exports of agricultural products, such as porang commodities, swallow’s nests, centipedes, maggots, and other potential export commodities,” said Syahrul.

For information, the export release was carried out in a number of places, including Tanjung Perak Port with a foreign exchange value of Rp 1.3 trillion, Pontianak Dwikora Port Rp 194.31 billion.

In addition, Dumai Port is Rp. 1 trillion, Belawan Port is Rp. 431.6 billion, Tanjung Priok Port is Rp. 435.1 billion, and Tanjung Emas Port is Rp. 400 billion more.

Syahrul stated, Merdeka Exports was an exposure to the performance of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) for 2 years, especially during the pandemic. The Merdeka Export Program was also echoed to commemorate Indonesia’s 76th Independence Day.

According to him, this program is not an ordinary export. “Freedom of Exports is an export that will touch our dignity as children of the nation. This is related to the psychology of nationalism as well as being part of presenting the Indonesian nation’s optimism in facing world turbulence,” he explained.

“Agriculture is a strength and a pillar that represents the strength of the state. Agriculture is the main support. Let’s bring optimism in this Merdeka Exports,” he added.

Syahrul also appreciated President Jokowi for supporting and paying attention to the agricultural sector.

“In accordance with the direction of the President that investment and exports are key factors in accelerating national economic growth. In this regard, we continue to strive to encourage exports of agricultural products to various countries,” he explained. ( Kurniawan/Yussy Maulia Prasetyani)

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