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Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum 2021, Build Synergy to Face Cyber ​​Attacks

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Cyber Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021

Cyber Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021

The first edition of the Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021 was officially held on August 12 and will last until September 12, 2021 virtually.

Opened by the Minister of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Johnny G. Plate represented by the Director General of Informatics Applications, Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan, B.Sc, this event is the right platform for industry players to develop insight and expand networks with experts and decision makers. These experts and decision makers come mainly from the fields of advanced threat protection, application security, telecommunication, cloud security, cybersecurity, data protection security, fintech, FSI, IoT, cyber defense, and others.

“It is an honor for MASTEL to participate as a Co-host in the Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021 event by involving many stakeholders ranging from government institutions, law enforcement, defense, SOEs, and private companies, as well as professionals who have great attention to security and resilience. cyber. In accordance with the theme of the Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021, ‘Threat Landscape for Indonesia’s Digital Leaders’, this event highlights digital leaders including Huawei Indonesia who share knowledge and best practices with the aim of enriching cyber security information and benchmarking to find solutions for future planning, ” said Sarwoto Atmosutarno, Chairman of MASTEL (Indonesian Telematics Society). Apart from MASTEL, this forum is also supported by GovWare and PT Adhouse Clarion Events.

The threat of cyber crime has become an international issue, including in Indonesia. Data from the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) for the period January – May 2021, states that the number of cyber attack cases in Indonesia has reached 448 million cases. Therefore, to handle it, synergy is needed from all parties in technology development which includes infrastructure development, big data, and cybersecurity.

Meanwhile, in order to develop technology infrastructure in 2021, 5G technology will be one of the priorities of the Indonesian government. “Trust in 5G security has become a major concern for countries around the world in line with the changing world which is increasingly digital,” said Syarbeni, Cyber ​​Security and Privacy Protection Officer, Huawei Indonesia.

Syarbeni added that Huawei believes that trust must be based on verifiable facts, which in turn must be based on shared standards. “GSMA and 3GPP have worked with cellular industry stakeholders to promote NESAS as a security assurance specification standard that has been widely accepted by the industry. We believe that this is an effective way to build trust in the digital age,” he added.

The Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021 with the theme Threat Landscape for Indonesia’s Digital Leaders provides access to the latest information related to cyber security developments. There were 32 prominent speakers from government, defense and professional institutions present at this event. Among them are Colonel Chb Ir. Bagus Artiadi S, M.Si, Head of Governance & Cooperation of Pushansiber Bainstrahan, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, as a resource person for the discussion panel session with the theme “Defending Indonesia’s Cyber ​​Territory (Cyber ​​Defense Focus)”. There was also Anton Setiyawan, Head of the Center for the Assessment and Development of Cyber ​​and Password Security Technology, BSSN, who presented material with the theme “Data Privacy and Governance for the ICT Sector”; and Setiaji, Head of the Communications and Information Technology Office, West Java Province, as one of the speakers. discussion panel with the theme “The Challenge and Imperative of Public & Private Sector Cybersecurity”.

This event also provides chat and business meeting features equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology to make it easier for participants to establish networking, according to the desired profile, based on interests, industry, and products offered or sought. Currently, more than 1,000 visitors have registered to the Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia platform.

Toerngga Poetra, President Director, PT Adhouse Clarion Events believes that the Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia is the forum that is needed by Indonesia at this time due to the increasing number of cases of cyber attacks. Even today’s world, the world called Toerngga has entered the Cyber ​​Warfare phase where high awareness is needed from stakeholders, including the government and the private sector, in setting standards in order to solve these problems.

“Therefore, the Cyber ​​Intelligence Forum Indonesia is here to provide a forum for the development of the latest technology in the cyber field and facilitate stakeholders for the realization of the development of advanced Indonesian technology infrastructure, so that cyber technology independence in Indonesia can be realized. And we thank Huawei Indonesia for participating in the Cyber ​​event. Intelligence Forum Indonesia and can share best practices with viewers who attend virtually,” concluded Toerngga.


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