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Look dashing and sporty, these are the specifications of the Lexus Lx570 official car, the TNI Commander

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The National Police Chief’s V8 Land Cruiser Service Car and the Lx570 Lexus type carried by the TNI Commander (Photo: Special)

BANGKA BELITUNG, REQnews – TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto held a meeting to discuss the handling of Covid-19 with the National Police Chief General Listro Sigit and Forkopimda Bangka Belitung on Saturday, August 14, 2021.

Two luxury cars have also been prepared to be carried by the National Police Chief and the TNI Commander upon arrival in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province. The cars are Lexus and Land Cruiser, but both prefer to ride Hiace.

The Lexus type Lx570 car, which Marshal Hadi is planning to ride, looks different, with a four-star symbol attached to the car’s license plate.

Then how about the specifications and sophistication of the Lexus Lx570 type car?

With a modern car concept, the Lexus Lx570 type is presented by combining the concept of tough driving ability typical of an SUV and prioritizing upscale comfort.

Therefore, to attract consumers, Lexus also provides the Lexus LX 570 with a dashing and elegant appearance along with advanced features.

As a premium SUV, it’s no wonder that the Lexus LX 570 comes armed with very capable specifications along with a variety of modern features.

In fact, from the design side, it seems to emphasize the dashing impression of this SUV, namely the luxurious design concept combined with the sporty style that looks perfect on every side of the body that looks dashing and sporty.

The valor of the Lexus LX 570 car is also strengthened and proven by the engine components it carries.

Namely, Lexus immersed the kitchen runway sector of this homemade SUV with a DOHC V8 engine type which has a capacity of 5,663cc which is ready to bulldoze every road terrain.

Of course, with the immersion of this advanced machine, the machine will be able to explode the energy that is so fierce in its class.

The Lexus LX 570 is also equipped with several safety and comfort supporting features for its users.

With an elegant and sporty design, this SUV is also equipped with interior fittings that are so luxurious that driving comfort will be felt even more. In addition, its large dimensions can accommodate 7 passengers at once.

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