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Wojo Blora Kitchen Bike Community Hands Over Fruit Seeds and Basic Food Assistance While Promoting Gowes

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Sunday, August 15, 2021 | 19:45 WIB| Writer

, Editor Tobari

Blora, InfoPublik – The Wojo Blora Kitchen ontel bicycle community handed out fruit seeds and food packages to disadvantaged residents while promoting cycling.

“If in Jakarta there is a three in one policy, then in the city of Sate Blora there is the spirit of five in one,” said Bambang Sulistya, an ontel bicycle fan who is also the chairman of PWRI Blora, Sunday (15/8/2021).

This spirit was found in the Dapur Wojo bicycle community when carrying out activities.

“In the past there was a term while drinking water while diving, but now we are carrying out five activities packaged in one action,” he said.

Namely cycling, staying in touch, sharing basic needs, helping fruit seedlings and promoting local tourism.

He explained that the Dapur Wojo bicycle community was organizationally manned by humorous, generous and Javanese leaders named Mbah Ngatmo, Galih and Ngatman.

Then supported by a team of 5 people. Namely, Haryanto, Daryanto, Wondo, Dedi Tc and Iwan.

Meanwhile, Subiyanto’s documentation team, Tomo. Mechanic Tego Mulyono, Treasurer Agus Tc, Uncle Ibo and coach/inspirational Mr. Bambang Darmo.

The members come from various professions, like the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in Blora, such as ASN, retired employees, active private and public employees, pedicab drivers and security guards, and even echelon 2 officials.

“Everyone can blend into one without any barriers, distances and social strata,” he said.

In terms of belief, the members are Muslim, Catholic and other sects of faith. “Perhaps it is a form of glue for the unity of the Dapur Wojo organization,” he said.

Then the target of today’s bicycle activity is to go to Plosorejo village, Banjarejo sub-district with a gathering agenda to Muhkholil’s place where people have gathered who will receive basic necessities and crystal guava seeds.

Even snacks have been prepared in the form of godok bananas, gembili, boiled sweet potatoes, godok soybeans and eating diamonds. In simple terms there is welcome and prayer.

“I represent the first Wojo Kitchen Community to thank the community for its family -friendly response and a face that radiates happiness and joy,” he said.

Second, as a form of gratitude from the members of Dapur Wojo, they want to share and deliver basic food assistance and fruit seeds to the underprivileged in Plosorejo village so that they can help ease the burden of suffering as a result of the Covid-19 disaster.

Then, third, hopefully the sincere step to share can be accepted as a form of social worship.

Next, fourthly, encourage rural communities to use their yards to plant fruit trees so that in the future they can produce results and create a beautiful and fresh environment that is preserved for life.

“Fifth, requesting those present to continue to implement the health protocols,” he added.

Unexpectedly, all the more packaged food dishes were given to the bicycle ride participants when the group returned to Blora.

According to Bambang Darmo, the provision of the food was a very valuable lesson, which turned out to be very high sharing of the soul of the villagers in framing a sense of family and friendship.

Likewise, Daryono said, that sharing or kepyur makes us prosperous, so while we are still given time to see the sun, let’s share.

The same activity from the Wojo Kitchen Community has been the third time during the pandemic.

The first is in Purwosari village, Blora sub-district, the second is in Nglangitan village, Tujungan sub-district.

“Hopefully, the five-in-one spirit of the Speda Dapur Wojo community is able to inspire and motivate all elements of society to call their hearts to cultivate sports activities while gathering and sharing with the underprivileged during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Bambang Sulistya. (MC Kab. Blora/Teguh/toeb).

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