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Want to Learn to Love Yourself? These are 5 Self-Love Tips from Psychologists for Millennials

  • Share – Sometimes we continue to feel dissatisfied and compare ourselves with the achievements of others.

We continue to feel less.

And when we fail to achieve what we want, we feel disappointed, hurt, and worthless.

Aren’t you tired of feeling like this?

Self-love is one way to overcome this problem.

Self-love or the ability to love oneself is very important for millennials because it makes millennials aware of their condition and accept all their strengths and weaknesses,” said Nurul Aini Ongkowidjoyo, M.Psi., Psychologist, counselor from counseling applications. online Riliv, through the release received, Saturday (14/8/2021).

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Right now things are moving fast.

In an era full of competition, information moves quickly and tends to be free.

So that you become vulnerable to pressure because you compare yourself with high enough standards.

It is important for millennials to have boundaries or limits by loving yourself and being grateful for yourself.

In addition, Nurul also said that self-love provide many benefits.

“By loving yourself, you live more satisfied and happier, more emotionally stable, have better relationships with others, are more confident, develop, and productive, reduce feelings of anxiety, and can make the right decisions,” he explained.

For those of you who want to learn to love yourself, here are 5 tips self-love which you can try.

Get to know yourself

Remember the saying don’t know then don’t love? Before loving yourself, let’s know ourselves.

Listen to your desires.

What scares you? what makes you feel anxious? What are our strengths and weaknesses?

Try to find out what are your strengths, weaknesses, what you can, need, fear, obstacles, what makes you feel disappointed, angry, hurt, and various other questions about yourself.

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Appreciate yourself

Giving gifts can not only be done to others, but also to yourself.

Giving self-appreciation is the first step to loving yourself.

Remember, that we deserve to be appreciated for the various efforts, hard work, and difficulties of life that have been experienced.

Learn what we love and give it to ourselves.

For example, giving chocolate, flowers, good food, travel gifts to yourself is very acceptable to do.

Accept and Forgive

If you can forgive other people’s mistakes, then you should be able to forgive yourself too.

Humans must have made mistakes and nothing is perfect.

Although not perfect, remember that human meaning can go through many things.

It could be giving, it could be love, it could be achievement or other things.

Humans are individuals progressive. He is today, may be different in the future.

Virtue today, is the result of learning in the past.

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Taking a break and choosing a place to strengthen each other

Sometimes the situation feels very burdensome and demanding.

We can choose to take a break or leave the environment.

We can also choose to be in an environment that is mutually grateful for the progress that is in each other, celebrate success and strengthen each other in conditions that are not ideal.

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Compare yourself wisely

Every human being is born with the privilege and uniqueness of each.

Everyone has their own pace and pace. Understand that everyone has start poin different.

There are people who have previledge to start from 100, there are people who have previledge to start from 0, and one has previledge to start with a minus number.

How far do we run, from start point us, that’s our achievement.

We are all in different games.

Sometimes we need to realize and see the results of our efforts.

How far are we from our initial state?

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