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How to Make Rice Mask for White Skin Naturally, Safe and Effective!

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MALANG TERKINIThis article discusses how to make a rice mask to get white skin naturally and safely.

Rice water is water that is often thrown away when washing rice. But there are also those who choose to accommodate it for drinking. Not infrequently there are also those who share how to make rice masks so that they are not wasted.

For some people, excess rice water during the process of cooking rice will be taken using a ladle and then accommodated in a glass.

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The rice water will then be given sugar and then drunk like a drink in general. The nutritional content of rice is also mostly in the water.

But who would have thought, rice water is not only for that. The precipitate can be a good natural mask for facial skin.

Some beauty products also offer rice extract in them.

But this time, we will learn to make a face mask from the same ingredients with the same properties in a simple way.

1. If you want to cook rice, wash the rice as usual. But if you are used to washing it with a filter, avoid this habit and switch to a container that does not drain.

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