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Before PTM is implemented, school readiness will be reviewed firsthand

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TELUKKUANTAN – The Task Force (Satgas) for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 in Kuantan Singingi Regency said that a direct check will be carried out first on schools that will conduct Face-to-face Learning (PTM) in Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) Regency, Riau.

This was conveyed by the Kuansing Covid-19 Spokesperson, Dr Agus Mandar SSos MSi, Sunday (15/08/2021) as a clarification of the previous news.

Where starting next week, Kuansing Regency has started implementing Face-to-face Learning (PTM) at all school levels, from PAUD to junior high and equivalent.

“Before face-to-face learning begins in all educational units for all school levels, a direct check must first be made regarding the readiness of each school,” explained Agus Mandar.

Where is this, continued Agus Mandar, who is also the Acting Secretary of the Kuansing Region, to ensure that he is really ready to conduct face-to-face learning in the education units in each of these schools.

“Before conducting face-to-face learning, each school must meet the criteria and conditions set out in the Covid 19 Health Protocol (Prokes) regulations,” said Agus Mandar.

“All the provisions contained in the Kuansing Regent’s SE, and the 4 Ministerial Decrees must be fulfilled. If the school does not meet the requirements, face-to-face learning cannot be carried out at school,” said Agus Mandar.

Especially for tomorrow morning, Monday (16/08/2021) said the Kuansing Regency Covid-19 Spokesperson, “there are no schools that are allowed to conduct face-to-face learning with students in schools, for all levels of education. However, tomorrow all teachers are asked to attend school in order to prepare everything related to school preparation in carrying out face-to-face learning during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Agus Mandar.

“This will be reviewed and checked directly to each school later, whether the school is really ready with preparations according to the Covid 19 Prokes rules, for example having to wear masks, prepare hand washing places, hand sanitizers, keep a distance, not crowd. , as well as 50% (fifty percent) of students who are allowed in one subject,” explained Agus Mandar.

If the school does not meet the provisions, as regulated in accordance with the existing Prokes Covid-19, said Agus Mandar, then the school is not allowed to conduct face-to-face learning activities at school, he said.

Meanwhile, Agus Mandar continued, the Kuansing Youth and Sports Education Office (Disdikpora) will also wait for the results of coordination with the Riau Provincial Education Office and other district / city Education Offices, which are both undergoing PPKM Level 3 in Riau Province, said Agus Mandar.

“The point is that no one is allowed to carry out face-to-face learning in schools, before checking the readiness of the schools directly,” he said.

In addition, Agus Mandar emphasized, he was also asked for all schools to form a Covid-19 Handling Task Force which is tasked with internal handling of each school.

“This technical preparation check is carried out to maintain the health of our children as students and teachers as Educators and Education Personnel so that school clusters do not occur,” said Agus Mandar, reaffirming as he ended.

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