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How to Make Dr Zaidul Akbar’s Fat Threshing Drink, Slim in a Short Time

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RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI – Check out how to make a fat threshing drink in the style of Dr. Zaidul Akbar that can make you slim in a short time.

Herbal medicine expert, Dr. Zaidul Akbar, mentioned how to make a fat-throwing drink that can be done with natural ingredients.

Slimming can be achieved quickly if you consume fat loss drinks and balanced with a healthy lifestyle.

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Not only for women, slimming can also be achieved by men if fat is shed which can be done by maintaining a lifestyle.

Dr. Zaidul Akbar revealed that there are easy and cheap ingredients to consume fat threshing spices.

Even these easy ingredients can be found at home, in the kitchen, to the nearest market which is very powerful.

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Reported from the Instagram account @dr.zaidulakbar.resep on Sunday, August 15, 2021, see how to make a fat threshing drink for weight loss.

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