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5 Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Minimalist and Attractive

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JAKARTA, Minimalist design can make a small kitchen look bigger and can function optimally.

As the name implies, a minimalist kitchen design only puts forward vital equipment and is synonymous with simplicity. This design is perfect for small kitchens to keep it tidy and look relieved.

Well, launching from Houzz, Sunday (15/08/2021), here are five tips to make a small kitchen look minimalist and attractive.

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Choose the color and type of material

People sometimes think minimalist designs tend to be rigid. In fact, with the right selection of furniture and cooking utensils, a minimalist design will look warmer and more harmonious.

Therefore, choosing materials that can be used for small minimalist kitchen furniture is important. You can use white and wood on the cabinets to the floor to harmonize the kitchen design.

In addition, these two combinations can also give the illusion of a larger kitchen.

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Neutral shades

White is a strong color choice to make a small kitchen look bigger. However, white is not the only option.

The use of other neutral colors such as beige, black, and gray can also give the illusion or appearance of a larger kitchen.

To get the best look, pair a light gray with white, then use a bit of dark gray or black on the parts backsplash or on top of an upper cabinet to give the illusion that the kitchen wall is jutting back.

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Use an attractive floor finish

The floor is a great area to add a bit of a unique and different feel to a minimalist kitchen.

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