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How to Clean and Cook Sea Cucumbers Choices Febs MasterChef Indonesia Page all

  • Share – Febs chose sea cucumbers for protein options in the MasterChef Indonesia gallery season 8 episode Sunday (15/8/2021).

Sea cucumber or sea cucumber is seafood which is fairly premium and expensive. Sea cucumber is synonymous with chinese food.

according to Michelin GuideIn the past, sea cucumbers were abundant in Northeast China, Japan, and Korea.

However, now there are many other areas that breed sea cucumbers such as the Middle East and Australia. There are sea cucumbers in this area that are sold at a cheaper price.

There are many types of sea cucumbers but not all of them are edible. Some of the edible ones are prickly sea cucumbers, bald sea cucumbers, and white sea cucumbers.

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You have to clean the sea cucumber first before processing it. The complete way is like this:

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  • Rinse the sea cucumber and sand in the sea cucumber cavity thoroughly. Clean slowly because sea cucumbers are easily destroyed
  • Soak the sea cucumbers in clean water for two days, changing the water every day. Do not let the sea cucumbers come into contact with salt or oil until the sea cucumbers are soft.
Illustration of sea cucumber served with vegetables and smothered in sauce. PIXABAY/MIAO HUO Illustration of sea cucumber served with vegetables and drenched in sauce.

After cleaning the sea cucumbers continue to cook the sea cucumbers.

The steps for cooking dried or frozen sea cucumbers are the same, namely boil it until it boils for an hour, as quoted from The Spruce Eats.

If the sea cucumbers are not tender after an hour, boil them again in fresh water for 30-90 minutes. Test for doneness every 10-15 minutes.

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The sign that the sea cucumber is soft is that it has a chewy texture and bounces when pressed. Do not boil the sea cucumber for too long because the opponent’s sea cucumber is destroyed. Allow the sea cucumbers to cool.

According to Chef Suyanto, Chinese Food Chef at Tien Chao Hotel Gran Melia Restaurant quoting, sea cucumbers should be cooked using a strong and concentrated seasoning.

Suyanto’s recommended condiments are oyster sauce and sichuan sauce.

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