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Nutrition Ecosystem Startup Prioritizes Local Farmers – FAJAR

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FAJAR.CO.ID — Startups with various types are starting to build their ecosystems in Indonesia. One of the newest is a startup helping the nutrition ecosystem.

Nutritional needs are currently a concern because it coincides with the Covid-19 pandemic, where everyone needs nutrition to strengthen immunity against the corona virus attack. However, nutritional needs must also pay attention to several things in order to provide more value. One of them is prioritizing local products.

“Startups will thrive if they manage to take a good positioning, help the government and society in the ecosystem, during the 76th month of Indonesian Independence, however, they must prioritize domestic products. In our country this is no less than imported products. This moment can help farmers, encourage them to produce fruit or plants with high nutrition, as well as mobilize those who need work due to the pandemic,” said Startup Accelerator and Telkom CSO 2019-2020, Achmad Sugiarto, in a release received by, Sunday, 15 August 2021.

Achmad Sugiarto, who is familiarly called Anto, assured that a nutrition startup startup is one that has the potential to grow. In general, Anto reminded startups to maintain their capabilities, the ability to drive the ecosystem and foster competitiveness. It is also necessary to strengthen the synergy in the ecosystem, both at the national and regional levels. This is vital in creating breakthroughs and startup innovations for the community.

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