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Product Specification 5 Indonesian League Club Bus, Super Luxury

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Although the news of the start of the Indonesian League has not yet shown a bright spot, a number of Indonesian football clubs continue to improve and prepare the team in order to face the upcoming competition. Not only in terms of recruiting players and technically on the pitch, a number of clubs have also prepared bus fleets for their mobility during their stay

If in the past these clubs in Indonesia only had a rental fleet, modern football today requires clubs to have independent fleets in order to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and comfort factor of the main players. In fact, several clubs in Indonesia now have bus fleets whose quality is not inferior to well-known European clubs, you know!

Class facilities top and premium quality is expected to be able to maintain comfort and improve player performance when competing. The following is a row of five Indonesian League clubs with their luxury buses.

1. Persib Bandung

Specifications of 5 Indonesian League Club Buses, Super Luxurious and SpoiledPersib Bandung bus portrait ( Channel ID)

Persib Bandung players are very pampered with this Hino RN branded bus facility with a capacity of 7,684cc. The dimensions of the Persib Bandung bus are 11.6 meters long, 2.45 meters wide and 2.02 meters high. The head lamp is LED and looks more modern.

The bus, which carries the all new legacy sr2 XHD Prime concept, is reportedly equipped with a toilet, LED TV, with a capacity of 44 passenger seats. Regarding the price, the Persib Bandung bus is rumored to reach Rp. 1.5 billion.

2. Persija Jakarta

Specifications of 5 Indonesian League Club Buses, Super Luxurious and SpoiledPersija bus portrait ( Channel ID)

Not to be outdone by its rivals, the club, which has been established since 1928, also has a luxurious bus fleet. Persija’s management choice fell to the Mercedes-Benz SHD OH 1526 fleet.

The top of the bus is equipped with lighting super cool orange. Not only that, the seat design is also dominated by the orange color which is the hallmark of the Persija Jakarta club. The large fleet size can accommodate 40 passengers.

Estimated bus prices range from Rp900 million-1 billion, not including body modifications and various other facilities.

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3. Rans Cilegon United FC

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Specifications of 5 Indonesian League Club Buses, Super Luxurious and Spoiledpotret bus Rans Cilegon FC ( Alif Naufal)

This is the team that caused a stir after being acquired by Raffi Ahmad and Rudy Salim with an injection of Rp300 billion. In the 2021 season, Rans Cilegon FC will use a bus with a Mercedes-Benz 1626 chassis wrapped in the Adiputro Jetbus 3 plus body.

Reportedly the price of the bus itself reached Rp 2 billion. This bus seems maco because it is dominated by black color with a super large logo on the side body. The available capacity is 40 seats plus a toilet.

This bus is a gift from crazy rich Malang, Gilang Widya Pramana or better known as Juragan 99. From the appearance alone, it is not the same as European club buses, guys?

4. Bali United

Specifications of 5 Indonesian League Club Buses, Super Luxurious and Spoiledpotret bus Bali United ( Channel ID)

In addition to having many fans, this club from the Island of the Gods also has a luxurious bus fleet that really spoils the players. The type of bus used by the Bali United club is the Legacy SR2 HD Prime ECE.R66 with a seating capacity of 44 people.

The seat design is wrapped using premium quality leather which further adds to the comfort of the players while on the go. It is hoped that this luxury bus will be able to motivate the spirit of the players. In 2019, this bus has already taken part in a large procession with thousands of supporters when Bali United won the 2019 Indonesian League.

5. Persita

Specifications of 5 Indonesian League Club Buses, Super Luxurious and SpoiledPersita Tangerang bus portrait ( Channel ID)

Last but not least, there is a bus belonging to Persita Tangerang based on Mercedes-Benz OH 1526. The bus body is dominated by black color with the placement of the club logo which adds to the elegant impression.

When you enter the interior of the bus, you will be presented with seats with high-quality black-purple designs. In line with other football club buses, the Persita Tangerang bus is equipped with toilets and other entertainment facilities to pamper the players.

To own this bus, the club management is willing to spend Rp 900 million, not including the cost of modification and interior design of the bus.

It turns out that these Indonesian League club buses are pretty cool, huh! Hopefully the club’s achievements on the gridiron can be as high as the price of the bus, OK!

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