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Five extraordinary benefits behind the word Hamdalah ‘Alhamdulillah’, which you need to understand

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PALOPO JOURNAL- Saying the word Alhamdulillah as a sign of gratitude to Allah SWT turns out to have tremendous benefits.

When getting a good moment, someone will certainly say the word Alhamdulillah, as a form of gratitude or gratitude for what he has received.

Alhamdulillah itself is a word of dhikr to Allah SWT, which if practiced every day it can have a positive impact in life.

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That is why a Muslim is expected to always say hamdalah (Alhamdulillah) in every activity.

As for the benefits of Alhamdulillah for daily life, namely:

1. Sins are forgiven

The true religion of Islam will never burden its servants in worshiping it.

Even in some explanations, scholars say, if a believer says Alhamdulillah three times in earnest because he wants the pleasure of Allah.

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