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How to cook bamboo shoots so they are not toxic, ingredients that are first cooked by Adi MasterChef

  • Share – Adi MasterChef Indonesia chose to exchange his food basket with Jesselyn’s on Sunday’s episode (15/8/2021).

One of the food ingredients in the basket is water bamboo shoots or young bamboo shoots.

At first Adi did not understand what bamboo shoots were. Then, Arnold told Adi that it was water bamboo shoot.

Launch, bamboo shoots are shoots or saplings of bamboo tips which are usually two weeks old. Bamboo shoots are generally harvested when the bamboo height has not reached 60 centimeters.

Fresh bamboo shoots are quite easy to find in traditional and modern markets in Indonesia. Meanwhile, there are also bamboo shoots in cans and ready to be cooked.

The texture of bamboo shoots tends to be crunchy, slightly fibrous, and slightly bitter before cooking.

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Fresh bamboo shoots sold in the market are usually already peeled so you just have to cut and then cook them.

However, there are also bamboo shoots that are still wrapped in an outer layer with a wood-like texture. Peel the first part before processing the bamboo shoots.

Quotes BBC, Fresh raw bamboo shoots contain toxins that will disappear when cooked properly until cooked.

Boil fresh bamboo shoots in salt water for about 20 minutes. Then slice according to taste and cook.

Bamboo shoots in cans should also be washed under running water first. If there is an unpleasant odor, you can also boil the bamboo shoots in water without salt for a few minutes (technique blanching).

Various cooking techniques for bamboo shoots can be stir-fried with typical Indonesian spices and other Indonesian spices chinese food. In addition, it can also be cooked with spicy coconut milk like making lodeh.

Saute bean sprouts. Doc. Delicious dishes Saute bean sprouts.

The contents of the bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots can be said to be suitable as a diet menu because they contain low calories Healthline.

Other ingredients in bamboo shoots are fiber, copper, vitamin B6, and E.

Some of the health benefits of consuming bamboo shoots are lowering cholesterol levels and improving gut health.

However, raw bamboo shoots contain cyanide compounds and are thought to affect the function of the thyroid gland.

You can safely consume bamboo shoots as long as they are boiled before cooking.

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