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5 Funny Indonesian Children’s Cartoon Movies that Entertain Page 2

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Hansel and Gretel

fairy tales


This easily accessible Indonesian funny children’s cartoon is a children’s fairy tale that can be accessed for free on YouTube Indonesian Children’s Cartoon Stories. Hansel and Gretel itself is a cartoon film adapted from a classic European fairy tale.

Hansel and Gretel tells the story of two children who get lost in the forest and find a witch’s house. They are trapped and do various ways to escape. This fairy tale has been adapted into many films and other animations with developed stories.

The Ugly Duckling (The Ugly Duckling)

fairy tales


This Ugly Duck cartoon is also available on the youtube channel Indonesian Children’s Cartoon Stories which is easy for children to understand because the audio has been translated. The cartoon is also based on the classic tale of literature by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen.

This film tells the story of a duck who has cute children but one of them has a different appearance and is considered ugly. The unpleasant journey must be passed by these different ducklings. But there is a happy ending that awaits.

Hare and tortoise

This funny Indonesian children’s cartoon can also be watched on the YouTube channel Indonesian Children’s Cartoon Stories, Aesop’s work. This film is full of messages and messages for the child so it is quite interesting for the child to watch.

The hare and the tortoise tell of a hare who likes to brag to his friends in the forest and challenges the tortoise to a race against him. The hare felt that he would definitely win because the tortoise was walking very slowly.

This lighthearted fairy tale is packed with fun with engaging animations that will keep your little one entertained.


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