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9 Ways to Make Flourish, Crunchy and Fail-resistant Cookies

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9 Ways to Make Flourish, Crunchy and Fail-resistant Cookiescakwe. shutterstock – Cakwe is a snack that is now easy to find at roadside cart vendors. Cakwe itself is a food of Chinese origin which in Hokkien dialect means “fried ghost”.
Cakwe itself has a long history from its home country, namely the Bamboo Curtain.

Cakwe has been known since the Song Dynasty, which was around 960 to 1279. It’s hard to imagine the food that has existed since ancient times is still surviving today even with various adjustments.

Cakwe which is easy to find now is a hollow elongated fried bread. Cakwe in Solo is consumed dipped in spicy sauce. This food is quite filling so it is suitable to be a boost if you are busy with activities.

Here summarizes how to make easy and delicious cakwe, guaranteed to fail:

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