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Infused Water with This Spice Makes the Body’s Reaction Immediately Different, dr. Zaidul Akbar

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PORTAL JEMBER­ -Infused water or detox water is water that has been infused with the taste of fresh fruits or vegetables.

How to make infused water is also fairly simple, just slice fruit and vegetables and then soak them in a glass of water.

Currently, infused water is quite popular in various circles because it has good benefits for health.

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In addition to these common ingredients, practitioner dr. Zaidul Akbar provides the best way to make infused water using spices.

He said that infused water had existed since the time of the Prophet. Even Prophet Muhammad SAW used to consume it.

Dr. Zaidul Akbar said, when the Prophet made infused water, he used dried dates which were immediately soaked in water.

Because according to him, dried dates facuoles or holes to distribute nutrients have been damaged.

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