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4 Tips for Making Aglonema Shoots Grow Fast and Healthy Aglonema Characteristics

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Cultivating ornamental plants is often a difficult thing to do. Because, it takes patience and patience in waiting for the process.

It is not uncommon for ornamental plant breeders to fail in the middle of the road. Therefore, plant nurseries are quite a challenging stage for ornamental plant lovers.

Likewise with aglonema plants. The following will discuss tips on making aglonema shoots grow fast and the characteristics of healthy aglonema. Let’s see!

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Tips for Making Aglonema Shoots Grow Fast

Basically every living plant can do its growth automatically. It is a natural trait for every living being, namely to grow. However, the process can be circumvented by following the steps below.

Here are tips to make aglonema shoots give birth quickly:

1. How to plant

The first tip is about how to plant. First, make sure that the bulb you are going to plant is at least 3 cm high. This is believed to make aglonema multiply faster.

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2. Selection of planting media

The second tip is to choose the right planting medium. In this case, you can replace the planting medium that was previously used. One of the planting media that you can use is animal manure compost with a ratio of 3 husks and 1 soil. The goal is to make the buds easier to grow.

Do not forget to loosen or mix and smooth the planting media. This aims to provide good air circulation so that later aglonema shoots can grow optimally.

3. Treatment

The treatment you can do is to sprinkle water with sufficient intensity and water the plants using rice washing water every 2 days.

4. Pot

The last tip to make aglonema shoots grow fast is to use a pot that is the right size. The thing to note, the pot should have a size that matches the size and number of roots on your favorite aglonema plant.

Healthy Aglonema Characteristics

Of course you want your favorite plants to grow healthily and optimally. About whether the aglonema you have is growing optimally, it can be concluded based on several indications. Here are the characteristics of a healthy aglonema:

1. Leaf shape

The first characteristic is that aglonema leaves have a straight, fresh, and not wilted shape.

2. Leaf Color

The second characteristic is that the leaves that grow are fresh green and have no yellow or white spots. If there are both colors, you can be sure that the aglonema you have is not in good health.

3. Leaf Size

The third characteristic is that the size of the leaves does not shrink. That is, the leaves that grow on aglonema plants are all the same size. In addition, the leaves have a fresh and sturdy structure.

4. Stems

A healthy aglonema has stems with bright colors and leaves seem fresh and sturdy. The stems are not mushy, dull or showing white or red spots.

Thus is a review of tips for making aglonema grow fast and the characteristics of healthy aglonema. Hopefully it can provide new insights on how to care for aglonema shoots for plant lovers.

Contributors: Dhea Alif Fatikha

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